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123Helpme Review: Three Steps to Spoiling Your College Performance

My Rating: 4/10

One, two, three – find no glee! 123Helpme, an idiosyncratic writing service, offers students a pretty seamless and smooth experience with its unconventional writing assistance. It’s too bad that this important feature is greatly compromised by the company’s numerous inconsistencies and drawbacks that repel users from consulting this service in the future. And in this 123Helpme review, I’ll provide an insightful look into the peculiar philosophy of providing academic help that this mediocre writing company follows. To begin with, the service largely differs from other businesses delivering studying help to students.

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123Helpme Overview

What is so distinctive about it, then? The thing is that 123Helpme doesn’t provide customers with academic writing from scratch, confining its functioning to merely providing customers with completed papers they can buy for a membership fee. Sounds pretty weird and “plagiarist,” right? But the service does feature this rather odd peculiarity, even managing to draw a decent number of users to pay for downloading the ready and, probably, endlessly used and reused essays. As a lost student grappling with my college challenges, I didn’t look for a second opinion upon encountering this organization in one of the customer reviews I was skimming through.

123Helpme.com Review Overview

Pressed for time and short on money, I right away let myself get entrapped by this fancy opportunity of receiving a paper for my upcoming defense day. Even though I was aware that the pieces provided by this service couldn’t meet the standards of plagiarism-free writing, I embraced the idea of utilizing them due to the severe lack of time and money, as was mentioned earlier in my 123Helpme review. And, what I faced further throughout my pitiful experience with this organization made me reproach myself for such a negligent and clueless approach to fixing my college writing issues.

Now, I’d like to provide a more detailed account of dealing with this “unoriginal” writing company.

Quality: It Will Leave You Speechless

Given the layman’s approach to delivering writing help to clients through offering ready-made papers, hardly any client will anticipate excellent quality from this company. Neither did I. But, since I didn’t expect my paper to bring me an A+, I moved on with my cooperation with this service. And here comes another, more striking “but”: little could I imagine that the quality of the papers here would be so disappointing. However, the paper I purchased did fail to match my already low hopes for the quality.

123Helpme.com Review Quality

The essay displayed a severe incoherency regarding the academic standards, including the poor method used to highlight subject matter, the incorrect use of terminology, and a terribly cumbersome approach to arguing the main point of the paper. The writer didn’t manage to keep the text consistent with the topic, making the piece illogical and inconsistent. As for the writer’s English, it was a little more uplifting than their compliance with the academic standards. The writer was able to generate somewhat neat and competent writing, which didn’t share much with that of an expert native speaker, but still was pleasurable and smooth to go through.

Pricing: What You Pay Is Greater Than What You Get

The prices implemented by the “maestros” running this company are downright outrage-inducing, which is another critical aspect of the company’s performance that I want to mention in this 123Helpme review. The prices run counter to the quality provided, and they contradict the standards of online business integrity. The payment policy of 123Helpme is underlied by as untypical a mechanism as the entire concept the company works by. At this service, the customers don’t pay for each paper separately. Instead, they are expected to provide a membership fee that breaks the pricing conventions adopted all over the industry regarding legitimacy and loyalty to customers. At first sight, paying a so-called small fee for subscribing to the company’s services doesn’t seem to be something that can harm your budget. But, after finding what amount you are “invited” to issue, this misleading thought vanishes away like a flash.

In Conclusion

123Helpme.com Review Conclusion

This rather ill-conceived and poorly organized writing service lacks the capacity to deliver genuine academic assistance to students. A company offering its clients ready-made pieces of scholarly writing with third-rate quality can’t possibly manage to meet the expectations and requirements of students that hope to get professional writing help. 123Helpme lack the propriety of measuring up to the norms of acceptable studying assistance.

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  1. I subscribed for membership of this money business service. It actually cost me an arm and a leg but I kept going. But when when I faced the most appalling shortcoming of this scam company, the quality of its papers, I wanted to cease the membership but it was too late, guys.

  2. Looks like this 123Helpme review was written by a real client upset with this
    “creation” just like me.

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