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99Papers Review: A Look at the Service’s Work

It would seem that we can learn everything about a writing service by simply looking at its site. But no – there are still facts that can make us raise our eyebrows. When I researched 99Papers, some things surprised me. I wrote this 99Papers review to show you what I found. I hope you share your opinion about the service in the comments as well. So, let’s find out what I learned about it.

9 Oddities of 99Papers

Times are changing, and nowadays it is normal for students to ask for help if they are facing difficulties. However, it is not easy to find a good writing service. 99Papers rouse a lot of questions and bewilderment because of its oddities. Thus, I plunged into the service’s work and saw some reprehensible things.

1. The papers from the service are not always original

For my review for 99Papers, it is important to talk about originality. According to some customers, the main culprit for the bad reputation of this service is plagiarism. Without any hesitation, I would avoid a service that sends plagiarized papers. By the way, it is not acceptable to submit papers with plagiarism.

2. You can spend lots of money on a paper

I wanted to focus on a 99Papers prices review. On 99Papers, you can easily become bankrupt. Just buying a paper on the site can cause huge financial problems. If for some reason you don’t care about spending much, then, of course, you can use it. But you don’t have to spend all of your money – you just need to find another writing service.

Money on a paper - 99Papers Review

3. Deliveries are not on time

Each paper should be written according to the set deadline. If you decide to use 99Papers, you may receive your paper with a delay. After I used this service, I was convinced that this is a common occurrence. Learning about this fact, I think that using a site that doesn’t deliver papers on time is not a good decision. I think the tradition to complete papers after the deadline is not good for a professional writing service.

4. You may have problems with privacy

According to my experience and other reviews for 99Papers, you may face some issues related to privacy. Of course, they say that they stick to privacy and confidentiality. However, they do not prove that this is true.

5. The writers can’t write decent papers

When using 99Papers, it became clear to me that their writers are unable to write good papers. With their help, you can end up with a paper that doesn’t deserve a good grade. The paper will have lots of mistakes that professional writers should not make. Such work shows that they don’t care about their customers or the reputation of the service.

6. Material for sources is taken from unreliable sources

It’s a real problem when you get an essay which contains references to outdated or inappropriate sources. Papers should contain the most reliable sources, otherwise they will get a low grade. Unfortunately, the writers at 99Papers include unreliable sources in their papers, and not all of them can cite sources properly.

7. Customers’ testimonials on the site are not real

The service has a special section on the main page where you can find testimonials from customers. The main problem is that they are not written by real clients. Since publishing real testimonials is off the table, they invented their own comments. Real testimonials can be found only on the Internet outside of 99Papers. To prevent yourself from dealing with scammers, you should always check real feedback on the internet.

Testimonials - 99Papers.com Review

8. People can see their poor work by looking through samples on the site

I didn’t spend much time searching for samples. There are many of them on 99Papers, but most of them are not written well. Presenting samples is supposed to attract new customers, but with 99Papers, their samples fail at this role. If you look at them, you will quickly realize their issues, because most of them are written in the wrong format, and the topics are not well developed. By the way, it is believed that the samples are written with more dedication than customers’ papers, so we can conclude that their papers are even worse.

9. The money-back guarantee isn’t offered to all customers

Let’s talk about refunds in this review for 99Papers.com. It’s hard to believe, but 99Papers offers a money-back guarantee. However, I read through lots of customers’ reviews and saw that such an option is not provided to all dissatisfied customers. So, I think you are taking a risk if you use this site, because you don’t know whether you will get a refund if you don’t like the paper or if something else happens.


99Papers is one of the strangest writing services that I have experienced. The point of this review is to show you why I think so. I believe that the opinions of other customers and the discussion on this service brings you closer to knowing whether to use 99Papers or not. I have revealed the truth about the service.

On 99Papers, you can’t receive a quality paper written by a professional writer. Moreover, you will most likely get your papers after the deadline. Plus, the prices are not affordable for students. So, I hope that my explanations of the service will give you a clear understanding of its drawbacks.

I rate the service 4.3 out of 10. 

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  1. ahh, how awful, I don’t like this service just like the author of this 99papers review!!!

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