Academized Review: Take a Chance to Avoid Problems

Rating: 4/10

Not so long ago, I discovered a writing service called Academized. Today, in my Academized review, I will tell you about the service that offers academic papers. I am going not only to check the service’s work, but also find out what other people think about the company.


This service states they offer the best pricing for high-quality papers, but I have doubts about this claim. In fact, their prices are even higher than average on the market, and papers are not as good as they claim. There are services that really want to help students, but also sites that exist only for the sake of earning money. Academized falls into the second category. Their idea is simple: they sell papers of low quality, but for high prices. I will explain why I believe you shouldn’t use it.

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Academized Prices Review

The first thing that seems strange to me is the prices presented on the site. I was completely confused — if you want to order a simple high school essay written in 24 hours, you need to pay at least $24.99 for one page! That is pretty high, I would say. I didn’t know that there were such expensive writing services. If you want to save your money, you’d better use another writing company.

Review of Academized Quality

If you decide to use this service, you will not be pleased by the quality. Many customers say that the papers they receive from this site are poorly written. The writers from the service don’t understand that plagiarized papers or papers with mistakes are not appropriate to hand in. That’s why I advise against using this service if your aim is to receive a unique paper written in the proper way.


Academized Review Samples

It is possible that the staff of Academized underestimate the presentation of quality samples. If you have never thought about looking through samples before using the site, then it seems the time has come. I have looked through their samples and I was completely dissatisfied with their quality. They will not inspire anyone to place an order here.

Academized Reviews

You would think that only real customers leave their testimonials on the site. But here, I came to the conclusion that their reviews are not written by real customers. And the saddest thing is that there are lots of negative testimonials about Academized across the Internet. I share this with you because I want to warn you that this site is full of cheaters. Surf the Internet for reviews and get ready to learn interesting things about the site.


It is good that the service has a page with their available writers, but it turns out that there are no photos of them, no information about the degrees, and no awards. If you open one of the presented so-called “profiles,” you will see that the writer is knowledgeable in a wide range of disciplines. Why do I think it is a bad sign? It is strange for me that one writer is proficient at psychology, management, law, economics, etc. How is that possible? I would rather use a service where the writers are knowledgeable in particular narrow spheres.


If you have any questions and want to get an immediate answer, you will unfortunately be disappointed with Academized. I couldn’t contact a support member without indicating my e-mail. I guess the reason is that they need to promote their service via e-mail or even pass my address to third parties. But perhaps this is just a wild guess? Nevertheless, getting a quick answer to the question that bothers you is impossible on this site.

Money-Back Guarantee

The service provides customers with a money-back guarantee, but let’s take a closer look at it. They say that if you get a bad grade for the paper they complete, they won’t refund your money! Also, if you are not satisfied with the quality, they will conduct a so-called “investigation” and the fact that you will be refunded is not guaranteed. It shows how difficult getting your money back will be. Considering this, I will not use the site.

Privacy Policy

Many customers, especially those who care about the safety of their private information, should pass this service by. It happens that a person signs in to some service and then starts to receive spam and unnecessary promotions. If you use Academized, you are likely to get into such a situation. Looking through the order form, I discovered that you should include not only your e-mail, but phone number as well. So, if you want to use a writing service in a secure way, choose another writing service.


Being a student is a difficult mission. Every day carriers a lot of problems, especially related to assignments, and no one wants to fail in studying — that’s why lots of students try to find professional services that can help them with their homework. However, Academized is not the right choice if you want to receive quality writing help.

On the Internet, there is a great number of negative reviews related to the Academized service. Many people faced low-quality papers and high prices when they used their services. I can agree with those reviews, because I saw their shortcomings for myself. Their prices are much higher than other similar writing services. Also, the samples presented there are of poor quality. You need to remember this if you are looking for what writing service to use.

This post unfolds all of the disadvantages of the service.

I rate it a 4 out of 10. 

5 Responses

  1. If you need a paper in 10 days, you should order it as a 2 day option to get it in 10 days since you WILL need revisions. Even the best writer here have problems with following instructions. My essay wasn’t written correctly by the 2 day window. They needed 10 days!!!! I had a paper outright fail. As you see these guys caused me a real headache and this review is absolutely true.

  2. Too high prices. Plus I was completely disappointed with the paper I got from them.

  3. What I would say is that the quality is pretty low. My paper was full of terrible mistakes.

  4. It is impossible to find a god writer here and lots of academized reviews prove that.

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