AdvancedWriters Review: Are There Any Benefits?

Show me a writing service and I will show you whether it is worth using or not. Today, you can find lots of writing sites, but not all of them will bring you a positive experience. The most common reason for writing a review is to prevent you from using bad services. People often get help from writing sites not knowing how they work in reality — they only see what the service says about itself. Today, I want to present you this AdvancedWriters review and reveal the hidden secrets of the service.

10 Problems That I Faced

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a good writing service. From the outside, it may seem that the service is good, but in fact, there are things that drive customers crazy. It seemed to me that many who have used AdvancedWriters are well acquainted with its disadvantages. Therefore, I made a list of the most common situations that any customer would face here.

1. Delivery

Each review of AdvancedWriters should contain information about their delivery performance. The service is often late with deliveries, and this is not funny at all. I have also witnessed situations when they deliver papers long after the deadline more than once, so I just couldn’t help but share this fact with you. On the Internet, you can find testimonials that prove my words.

2. Originality

If you want to receive a unique paper from this writing service, I have bad news for you. On AdvancedWriters, you may receive a paper with plagiarism. If you pay money for the paper, I think it should not have any signs of plagiarism. Moreover, you as a student may face lots of problems if you submit an unoriginal paper.

3. Free revisions

The free revision policy should also be mentioned in this review for AdvancedWriters. For a writing service, it is important to provide customers with free revisions. I need to highlight the fact that even if you get free revisions from this service, the quality of your paper won’t be improved. When I used this service, after the fourth revision, I gave up. It seemed like the writer didn’t understand what I wanted.

4. Pricing

Advancedwriters Review - Pricing

I have made an AdvancedWriters prices review. It is strange that they have such high prices, especially taking into account the fact that their papers are not that good. I am not satisfied with what I saw here. For an average student, the prices are simply too high. Moreover, you need to pay more if you want your paper to be written by an advanced or ENL writer.

5. Confidentiality

Don’t start using a writing service if you feel it has some problems with confidentiality or privacy. At AdvancedWriters, they collect lots of personal information about their customers. They don’t hide that they will send you promotional materials to your e-mail. Always remember that you are giving your personal information to this writing service, and they can use it as they want.

6. Money-back guarantee

Without mentioning a refund option, it wouldn’t be a proper AdvancedWriters review. Not all writing services offer a money-back guarantee. The AdvancedWriters website says that they offer such an option. However, I came to the conclusion that it is not easy to get your money back if you don’t like how the paper was written.

7. Samples

Advancedwriter Review - Samples

Presenting samples is important for a writing service, because in this way, you can see how the writers perform with their papers. But on AdvancedWriters, there is a problem: there are no samples that correspond to quality academic writing. I fell into despondency when I saw how their samples are written. They don’t meet the requirements of an academic paper. The topics are not well disclosed, and some of them don’t even have works cited sections.

8. Testimonials

The testimonials on AdvancedWriters surprised me a lot. I looked at comments on the Internet and realized that the feedback demonstrated on the website is not true. I agree with the opinion that I found on the internet and fully disagree with comments on the site. Reading through customers’ testimonials will help you to choose the right service.

9. Writers

And what about the writers? This question may bother you. I can hardly call the writers who work for AdvancedWriters “good.” Realizing how they develop their papers, I was really upset. Among the main issues, the biggest are that they plagiarize and make lots of mistakes when writing.

10. Services

You can see all the different services AdvancedWriters offers. You can even order a poem, PowerPoint presentation, or a technical report. However, it is strange for me, because their writers can’t deal even with the simplest essays. I can’t trust a writer dealing with a dissertation if he or she doesn’t even know the basics of writing.

What to Keep in Mind

I like to make some kind of investigation into a writing service before using it. I know for sure that some writing services are simply not worth your attention, and AdvancedWriters fits this category. I carefully studied the site and found that it is not as professional as presented. The writers deliver low-quality papers and the prices are too high. When I was using the service, I understood that they don’t care about their customers or reputation. Due to lack of professionalism, they are not able to provide quality writing help. I believe the service should begin to provide customers with better assistance.

I rate AdvancedWriters 4.2 out of 10. 

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  1. I like the fact that the author was not shy to tell all the truth in this advancedwriters com review

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