AnswerShark Review: 7 Helpful Facts about the Writing Service

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A wide range of options creates the problem of choice. The online market is filled with dozens of writing services that offer academic assistance to busy or lazy students. Demand breeds supply. Thousands of students who have no time or desire to study apply to professional writing services, and their numbers continually increase.

But the question is: how do you pick the right service? The answer is simple: you should gather as much information about the services as possible and compare them. The classic pros and cons list will be the best choice in this situation. In this AnswerShark review, you’ll find facts that you may add both to the “Pros” and “Cons” columns.

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AnswerShark Review: Fact № 1 — Reasonable Prices

When you pick the writing service, your purpose isn’t to find the company with the lowest pricing policy. It’s always pleasant to save some money, but I don’t recommend doing so when it comes to your grades. As a rule, the service with the lowest prices hires writers with poor skills. They provided low-quality samples that won’t bring you good grades.

AnswerShark’s prices start from $16. That’s a balanced pricing policy: writers get good pay, and customers get well-written papers. The price depends on two factors: the number of pages and the deadline. If you want to save money, place your order in advance. Editing and rewriting services are cheaper than writing from scratch.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 2 — 24/7 Customer Support

If you are placing an order for the first time, you may have some questions regarding the service. Luckily for you, AnswerShark has customer support that works day and night. If you don’t have a user profile, you may apply to the customer support manager via e-mail. If you’re a verified user, you can contact the support service by clicking the “Support” button. When you start a new query, it will be displayed in your profile.

AnswerShark doesn’t have chatbots, so you can be completely confident that you will communicate with a real person. Usually, support managers answer within 5-10 minutes, and you don’t have to wait for long. You can also check the FAQ section where you will find responses to popular questions.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 3 — Simple Ordering Process

To place your order, you have to sign up. The procedure is standard: you share your email and get a confirmation letter. Then, you fill in the ordering form and publish your assignment for writers.

I recommend you to add as many order details as possible. Firstly, you won’t have to explain it again to the assigned writers. Secondly, the AnswerShark experts will see at once whether they’re able to meet your requirements.

Another thing I’d like to note in my AnswerShark review is that they give you the freedom of choice. You have three options:

  • you can request a specific writer;
  • you can pick one of the writers who bid for your order;
  • you can choose auto-select, and the service will offer the best available writer for your discipline.

If you want to keep everything under control, you can pick the writer by yourself. And if you don’t have time, the service will do it for you for no extra charge.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 4 — Amazing Blog about Writing

If you don’t work as a writer or blogger, you never think about how many texts you have to write. When you study in college, you have to deal with various types of academic papers: essays, case studies, research papers, lab reports, etc. And when you start working, you face a bunch of other writing challenges: speeches, presentations, emails, CVs, business plans, and many others.

AnswerShark has got it all covered! You’ll find about 90 different guides and more than 200 samples on their blog. And you can use all this information for free. Of course, it’s not a good idea to copy anything, but you can use samples as templates for your works.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 5 — ENL and ESL Writers

This isn’t good or bad news — it’s just a fact. AnswerShark hires both native speakers and writers who have a good command of English. They don’t try to hide this from their customers, so I don’t consider them guilty.

If this service hired only ENL writers, their prices would be much higher. Anyway, all the applicants for a writing job have to pass an English test. I’d rather pay less to an expert in a particular discipline with a good command of English than pay a fortune to a native speaker for no specific reason.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 6 — Good Feedback

In the “Latest Orders” section, you can check comments of previous customers on all the orders. I assure you that they’re real, because I’ve even noticed a NEGATIVE comment. It’s very rare for writing services to post negative comments. And that’s another point for AnswerShark! Only one negative comment shows that the other dozen positive ones are true.

AnswerShark Review: Fact № 7 — Refundable balance

If you’re afraid of scammers, then this fact will please you. On AnswerShark, you don’t have to pay for your order in advance. When you assign the writer, a system automatically blocks this sum on your account. But before you release money for the first part of the work, you’re able to return it at any moment.

I hope that my AnswerShark review has given you an idea of what this writing service is like and whether you should apply to it or not. Based on my experience, I would recommend you at least to try AnswerShark. You’ll see that their team does its best to provide customers with good service. Give it a shot, and you won’t regret it!

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