Bestessay4u Is Not Always the Best: My Unpleasant Experience With the Writing Service

You could read many different bestessay4u reviews on the Internet, but by reading this one, you can look at the situation from a realistic glance.

I am a student in my second year of college, and all writing services are entirely new for me. I have used them several times, and I always got grades no less than a B. Therefore, using bestessay4u, I was expecting a good mark as well. Unfortunately, I got a C- from my teacher. With this service, I had to communicate with the support team for two weeks nonstop to refund all my payments, because I was not satisfied with the quality of my essay.

I have many disciplines to take care of, and I am drowning in my homework. I am planning to use writing services that help students in the future. Honestly, as a result of my experience at bestessay4u, I would say it is better to prepare your homework on your own.

Total Rating 4/10


At first sight, this service didn’t seem beautiful to me. However, I think that excellent design is not the last word on the quality of your paper. I had bought helpful samples. They were ready for download, but I decided not to use them, as there is the great risk that my teacher would figure it out. That was the reason why I ordered my literature essay individually.

After all the issues I had with bestessay4u, I was looking on the About Us page and didn’t find the proper information. It was interesting for me who created this service and where the company is based, but they only describe very general information. I know that it is better not to write false information, but it is not a good sign that there is no information at all.

Bestessay4u Review Overview

Prices and Discounts 7/10

Bestesay4u proposes a 15% discount on the first order. I used it because I am a student, and I have no permanent source of income.

Bestessay4u Review Discount

The price of my work was nearly $65, which was a suspiciously low amount. I counted it in the special online calculator. I understand that work offered cheap like this will most likely not be of excellent quality.

Bestessay4u Review Online Calculator

Anyway, this section of my review has the highest rating of 7 stars out of 10, at least for their diligence in attracting new customers in this way.

Services 6/10

I felt lucky when I found a significant amount of services on bestessay4u. It is common knowledge, however, that the first impression is deceptive. I needed my essay in APA format, and I couldn’t find it in the samples represented on the website.

Bestessay4u Review Services

Each service is described individually on every new page, but there is no mention of the academic formats offered by bestessay4u.

Bestessay4u Review Academic Formats

This long description looks boring and uninformative to me.

Confidentiality 5/10

The open access to the samples on the website slightly spoiled my impression in the beginning when using this service. It is not so bad that bestessay4u doesn’t mention the name of the writers and students in testimonials, but I still have a feeling that moderators will post my essay. Even if I got a C- from the teacher, it would be a pity to know that somebody used my order.

Bestessay4u Customer Review

This is how the samples page looks:

Bestessay4u Review Samples Page

Because of this fact I couldn’t totally trust this service.

Writers 4/10

With all respect for my writer and the job he did for me, I can’t lie and say that I am satisfied with our cooperation. If I could, I would only order a writer from the list where all the information is represented.

Bestessay4u Review Writers

Bestessay4u has no page dedicated to writers, and this is a significant disadvantage. I would like to see who is working for the service and not be forced to buy a pig in a poke.

Money-Back Guarantee 3/10

I had one week after I made my order to get a perfect essay from my writer. Of course, this is not actually the case with bestessay4u. Review Money-Back Guarantee

I’m a fighter for justice, and if the service promised to refund the money, I would like to get it back. I was struggling for a long time with the customer support service. I was redirected from one manager to another. It was irresponsible, and nobody wants to take care of the customer. I found it disrespectful and ingenuous. Finally, I contacted the right person, and it seems that even the chief of bestessay4u had to consider my question, but the money was refunded. I spent two weeks messaging with bestessay4u managers. It would be better to ask my teacher for a prolongation and write the essay by myself.

Essay Quality 2/10

As I mentioned earlier, I would have liked to know who was writing my essay, but there was no option for a bidding system, where I would be able to choose the writer to complete my order. As a result, I got an essay that was cited in the wrong format. Maybe, the writer from bestessay4u didn’t understand me. And when I asked for a rewrite, the support manager replied to me that I couldn’t send it back to my writer. I had to place a new order because my previous request was approved, and payment had passed.

Is the Service Legit? 1/10

When the question of the legality of the service arose, I was looking for the answer on There was no word about it, not only on the home page but on the whole website.

I’d looked even in the Terms & Conditions section:

Bestessay4u Review - Is the Service Legit

This fact disappointed me. In my opinion, bestessay4u is protecting only their own interests. That was the reason for such a complicated procedure while I was proving my right to get my money back. If a service is legit, the company cares about its reputation and gives money back immediately for the customer to be happy. If the customer is satisfied, he or she may come back again. This doesn’t apply to bestessay4u, for sure.

Last Words

In conclusion, I want to say that it isn’t worth the penny saved to spoil your mood with services like bestessay4u. At least I am staying in my college, so I’m not entirely hopeless. The one significant result I got from this experience is the necessity of learning time management to succeed in further assignments.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Author. My work didn’t worth the nerves and money that I spent on it.

  2. It is better to write your own essay) You spent more time to write this review. Thanks for sharing your experience, anyway!

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