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When my classmates used writing sites, I was very skeptical about this kind of help. Then it seemed to me that anyone could find writing help, but not of good quality. My skepticism is due to the fact that some time ago I used one of these writing services and was not satisfied with it. The service in question is called BestEssays. As it turns out, the service doesn’t care about quality papers. Later I read BestEssays reviews a few times. However, I decided to draw conclusions from my own experience. Read on to see what I managed to find out.


I am one of those people who will not believe the promotion until I check it for myself. Therefore, I began my investigation on BestEssays. This BestEssays review will be helpful for all potential customers. Below you will find my own observations, see the facts, and make conclusions yourself — I will just express my opinion and hope you will take it into consideration.

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So, I, not believing the effectiveness of this service, decided to check how the service works and whether there is a chance to really get a top-quality paper here as they tell about themselves. I was often told about the disadvantages of this site when I read about it. But evidence and my personal experience are needed.


The quality of BestEssays’ work simply can’t be called “great.” Looking at the papers they write, customers may think that they were written by an eighth grader. Otherwise, what else would you say about a writer who makes mistakes and pastes parts of texts copied from others? This service should focus on providing customers with papers of better quality. I bet you wouldn’t want to use a service that fails to provide you with a good paper.


I couldn’t find a separate page with complete information about the writers on this site. They are presented on the main page in a small section. I should say that they have a rather small team of writers to choose from. The funny thing is that they don’t indicate the real names of writers, only ID numbers, which looks rather awkward. And according to numerous reviews, writers often don’t follow instructions and write their papers with poor structure. So, when you are looking for a professional writer to help you, you’d better avoid this service.

Ordering Review Ordering

The ordering process on BestEssays not only wastes time, but also causes some extra trouble. Because of the numerous fields that need to be filled in, you may get confused. Also, while dealing with the order, you will see that you need to pay some extras fees. Those who want their paper to be proofread need to pay an additional cost, otherwise, I guess you will receive a paper with mistakes. I believe that this is not the right policy, because, as a rule, such an option should be provided for free. So, think twice before placing an order here.


Even educated people make mistakes in some way, and writers are not an exception. However, the customer should be confident that if the paper contains some mistakes, they can be quickly corrected. It is extremely difficult to believe, but BestEssays doesn’t provide an option to request revisions, or at least they don’t mention it anywhere on the site. So, if some incidents happen with your paper, there is no guarantee that the problem will be solved. I read best essays reviews about the service’s work and found that they simply don’t offer free revisions to customers. By the way, other services I have faced do offer such an option.


BestEssays offers different services. Today, the top five most popular services include essay writing, research paper writing, coursework writing, term paper writing, and case study writing. Surely everyone thinks about using one of these at least once, but the quality of service on this site will not make you happy. Whatever kind of help you choose, you won’t be satisfied with the final result.

Prices Review Prices

The service has a page where you can see the average prices for papers. By the way, even the cost of a standard paper is rather high. I believe very few people would want to spend so much money on writing help. I decided to show you prices not only because they are high, but also because the quality of their papers can’t match those prices. If you want to spend lesser and receive a quality paper, you’d better look for another writing service.


BestEssays claims that they provide customers only with quality papers, but the samples presented on the site show an absolutely different situation. What could be worse than a poorly composed paper written by a person who knows little about the subject? If you look at their samples, you will see that they are written badly. So, if you decide to get help from a writing service, always the check samples presented there.


This review was written to warn you if you decide to use it. You may see a good looking site, but behind it, there is an inexperienced team unable to offer professional writing help. You are unlikely to receive a unique paper written according to your instructions here. They show that they don’t care about quality and reputation.

The prices are also too high. If you put such prices on your service, the quality should be appropriate. However, BestEssays doesn’t pay attention to this fact. If you are interested in getting help from a writing service, look somewhere else.

I rate this service 4.5 out of 10.

5 Responses

  1. It is the worst writing service I ever used. There is no a really good writer there!

  2. When I read this bestessays review, I don’t believe they are really sooo bad. But alas it is so. When I got paper from them I realized that it looks terrible and boring. I belive I need to find another service to complete my soiology essay, this crap will not get a good grade.

  3. Fullest dissatisfaction with writer’s work!!!! What is the problem to follow my instructions?

  4. It seems that my paper was written by a kid. Lots of stupid sentences and errors. It explains the fact that I found many bad bestessays reviews.

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