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Hi! I am an ordinary sophomore, and I am studying psychology in one of the most recognizable schools in the US. To save my confidentiality, I will not announce its name, but I want to share something that you shouldn’t pass by if you are a student.
Last month was overwhelming for me concerning my college tasks, and I started to look for some help online aimed at students. I read many reviews on students’ services, but none caught my eye. Among them, however, were also many positive BuyEssay reviews. I decided not to believe others until I tried this service for myself. So I contacted the website’s team instantly to see what I would get!

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Price and Discounts 9/10

Let me start sharing information in this BuyEssay review from one of the most terrifying sections for students – prices. I know from my own experience that everyone wants to save money and make a profitable bargain. At BuyEssay, I saw an honest and transparent pricing policy.
The price for each category is shown for one double-spaced page. Indeed, every order is unique, and I wasn’t an exception. I needed to write a five-page report on the book by Hal Straus and Jerold Jay Kreisman, “I Hate You – Don’t Leave Me.” Therefore, my cost was slightly higher if it was for a shorter number of pages, but I feel my deal was very appropriate. Moreover, I had enough time before defending my work in class, so I set a deadline of 14 days. So, as I read from another prices review, I understood that my price wasn’t unexpectedly high. I hadn’t seen these options concerning discounts, but I am happy with the reasonable price I got. As you can see in the pictures, I ordered extra services, which didn’t impact my total price heavily. In the next part of my review, I will talk about these additional services. review price

Extra Features 10/10

As I said earlier, BuyEssay has many beneficial functions that I want to cover in my review. They are both free and paid. The great thing about it is that customers can see what they are paying for. This point is about transparency, and I did not see any type of hidden fee while ordering.
During the order selection process, I chose a native speaker, which added 30% to the overall price of my order. Also, I required the writer’s samples of previous academic papers. It costs only $5.00. As I read in other reviews, students recommended using this function to be ensured of the writer’s competence. As a result, I do not regret adding this to the cart as well.
As you can see with the pictures I provided in my review for, I prefer a service that chooses the best available writer for me. This option is free, and as I learned from others’ feedback, it helps speed up the searching process for the order.
Also, I was surprised by one more interesting tool on the home page. This tool is an online calculator. It was nice for me to predict my order’s price before filling out the application form. It worked precisely for me because it was the exact cost of my book report without the cost of extra services I added later on.

Testimonials 10/10

However, at external sources, I read less anonymous reviews for; at the BuyEssay website, I found out that all testimonials do not share customers’ personal information. It pleased me a lot because I also left feedback after I cooperated with the writer, and I wouldn’t want the system to reveal my personal information. The picture I added shows that the website uses an ID assigned by the system automatically for the order instead of a nickname, personal name, email, or phone number.

Company Info 10/10

Becoming a more experienced student, I decided to learn more about the companies I cooperate with in various aspects of life. And after reading many other reviews, I wanted to get acquainted with the company myself.
In the About Us page presented in the image, you can read information about where and when the company was established. Here I found out that my order can be processed any time I ask it because BuyEssay works 24/7. The possibility of hiring a writer gets higher because the company works with many freelance writers. In my BuyEssay review, I can stand behind the expertise that gained my trust as a student. Being 12 years on the market proves that customers can rely on writing specialists of this company.
I believed in the system’s ability to select writers because I saw the number of disciplines the experts have degrees in. I was confident that the BuyEssay team would find the right specialist for me because they cover more than 70 fields of study.
I also wasn’t surprised by the fast reply to my request – they have 73 support managers ready to assist students online at all times. The number of academic writers is also impressive because 412 available specialists are ready to work with custom orders.

Free Samples Online 10/10

I would like to cover this point specifically in my review. Every website visitor can find out better what this service is by reading free paper samples published on one of the website’s pages. You can easily see each writer’s style in different disciplines.

As you can see, there are various subjects covered, such as marketing, anthropology, communications, composition, and film and theater studies. Students can see how to format a paper, organize text, and even be inspired for their writings with these samples. It frees you up if you don’t want to ask for a writer’s samples, and it will cost $5 upon ordering a paper.


First of all, I am happy you stopped to read about my experience. Hopefully you will find it useful among the other BuyEssay reviews. I would totally recommend everyone use this service at least once during their studies. It makes studying easier in many ways. First of all, you will get an extended explanation, even in the most complex subject. As a nice little bonus, you have an extra inspirational source for writing academic works because at least you will know more about correct formatting.
My psychology work was explained well, for which I am thankful to my writer. She was really experienced in this field and prepared a great book report for me. I got citations not only from basic sources but from others as well. I also liked that my privacy was secure, I had a plagiarism-free paper, and I didn’t worry about my payment at all. Could something be better to encourage you in your education?

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