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Over the past couple of years, the Internet has become an extremely attractive place for suspicious scam businesses, soundly surpassing the non-virtual platform. And, astounding as it may seem, the academic writing niche is today one of the “hot” web industries that welcomes an endless number of sharp practices, along with the tools to cover their monkey business. Indeed, if you check out several reviews on different websites, you’ll get a misleading impression of the service I’m about to dedicate this in-depth overview to.

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I will set things straight for you right from the beginning of this review: is not as excellent as they it claim to be. It has some substantial drawbacks, which ultimately make it a pretty mediocre organization. Let’s scrutinize the service from head to toe with my review.

Brief Overview is an academic writing company that offers, according to their advertisements, a complete range of top-notch custom paper services. But in reality, the service provides a rather limited selection of academic writing services. If you study the list of their services, you won’t find the essentials that nearly every reputable organization features. This is the most conspicuous flaw of, which discourages discreet customers from using its services. As it happens, I wasn’t one of them, and it took courage to become a client of And now, like the creators of other reviews, I’m devoting my downtime to tell you more about the service.


Now, I’d like to approach each of the service’s guarantees separately and evaluate them based on my own experience.

  • Papers written from scratch

This is not quite true. After the writer submitted the paper to me for the first time, I checked it for plagiarism with three checkers. Each of them showed that the paper was at a minimum 35% plagiarized. What I did next was ask the writer to upgrade its uniqueness by slightly rewriting it. But the second time wasn’t a big success, either. The same checkers stated an almost identical result, where the percentage of plagiarism now was 20%. And, since the amount of uniqueness I had to adhere to was 90%, I once again confronted the copycat writer with a plea to remaster the work up to gaining the result in question.

Finally, thanks heavens I received my 92-percent unique research paper and    left the writer alone. But this colossal disregard for uniqueness on their part was an immense mark against the service. When taking a close look at College-paper reviews by other customers, I came across a similar problem touched there.

  • Confidentiality

A client’s confidentiality, along with their privacy protection, should be a prime concern for a service like this. Unfortunately, ignores this vital principle. In my order form, I was asked to provide my full name (!!) as well as my phone number. An academic writing service that cares about its reputation would never require anything like that. Hence, another tremendous downside of

  • Quality

Surprisingly, this mainstay of providing a high-grade paper sweetened my impression of the service. The writer followed almost all of the requisites I provided and showed satisfactory writing skills, including those related to the English language. The topic was highlighted pretty concisely and clearly, which suggested the writer had delved into the subject matter with diligence. Well, too bad that this was compromised by their ignorance as to making the paper unique. But I can tell for sure I was satisfied with the quality the service provided.

What I’d also like to mention in this review is that the service provides its clients with free revisions, which is not commonplace among academic writing companies.

Pricing sticks to a somewhat unreasonable pricing policy. The pricing system hinges on the level of quality as well as the urgency of your order. The service offers its customers three quality levels: standard, premium, and platinum quality. Speaking of urgency, it varies from 3 hours to 10 days. Now, let’s get closer to the prices themselves. The minimum price you can pay for your order is $18.60 — the cost of a standard quality paper done in 10 days. The price gets higher with the other quality levels, accordingly. The same applies with urgency levels — the sooner you want your custom paper done, the more you have to pay for it.

The highest cost you can pay at is $47.85, for a platinum-quality paper written in 3 hours. Wow, what a rip-off — this is what I have left to say about the prices in my college-paper review. Reviews Pricing


The website features a welcoming modern design. The warm combination of blue and white pleases your eye, inviting you to use the company’s services. The header of the landing page displays the sections with the key information about the service and how it works, which is very convenient, as it prevents you from rambling over the pages. However, the footer for some reason duplicates almost all of these sections, making the user interface seem somewhat irrational.

My Verdict

Drawing the line, the first and foremost thing I’d like to emphasize is that due to depth of the service’s drawbacks, I can’t recommend it. does have its benefits, but they don’t help it come up to the image of a reputable service that a prudent customer would admire.

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  1. not worth a penny – belated delivere, high prices and so on and so forth. found a lot of reviews that simply lie

  2. Well the quality was ok but al the rest makes me call it a lousy service.The above review proves it

  3. I ordered my essay here(( The writer failed to comply with the requirements so I had to ask him to rewrite it several times. Then it was plagiarism, which had to be badly decreased. Resultantly I almost missed my deadline. Prices are OK but you should be more reasonable with the quality!

  4. My thesis was so so, not the way I excpected. Similar to the autor of thes college-paper review

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