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My rating: 5 out of 10

Academic writing services are a dime a dozen today. And only a small number of them account for the legit and credible assistance that can address the academic needs of a customer. To my big regret, my own experience was connected with a particular category of these services – I happened to be the client of a company at odds with other reputable writing organizations. So in this review, I’d like to share everything I went though as a customer of this service. Wrecking the Misconception

Based on the many Do My Writing reviews I checked out, the company’s true value is misrepresented and greatly overrated. These reviews position this writing service just the way it does on its website, distorting its real image, which is devoid of the accomplishments and merits that this company claims to have.

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VISIT SITE FULL REVIEW is a mediocre academic writing service incapable of providing proper academic assistance and responding to clients’ demands. The service has developed showy, yet shallow, website content, which it uses as effective bait for luring users. And, as an unsatisfied customer of this “writing squad,” I’ll attempt to shatter the common stereotypes about

What Quality Does It Provide?

What Quality Does It Provide?

Score: 4 out of 10

There’s no reason to elaborate on why an academic writing service should treat quality as its major concern. Quality is the primary touchstone of a service’s reputability and legitimacy. At, they approach this key aspect as an incidental matter, which was vividly mirrored in my custom paper.

First of all, the author demonstrated an appalling lack of academic writing expertise, shaping my paper into some poor article from a science blog. They failed to address the subject matter in the proper way and highlight the topic according to the requirements provided.

The writer’s English was quite satisfactory, with only minor language calques. However, the writing featured some stylistic inconsistencies — the writer failed to strike the right balance between academic and colloquial styles, bouncing from sophisticated scholarly language to common slang expressions. Hence, the writing combined fancy formal language with a layman’s discourse.

How Reasonable Are the Prices?

Score: 5 out of 10

The pricing policy this company adopts doesn’t match the quality it provides. In general, the prices are acceptable, but given what the customers receive in return, the company needs to review its pricing culture. Anyway, lets take a look at the prices at

The minimum price it asks is $10, which pays for a high school essay they will complete in 14 days. If you, for example, order a two-page university research paper, the price escalates to as much as $40. It’s worth stressing that this payment covers free revisions, formatting, and bibliography or reference pages. It all seems very favorable and beneficial, but again, the prices here overstep the quality delivered.

The Support You Get with This Service

Score: 3 out of 10

Customer support is a paramount aspect of a writing company’s reputation. At, the performance of the support workers is a rather debatable matter. The reps seem to be considerate and attentive to the requests of the customers, providing quick responses with lengthy texts.

But at the same time, those responses resemble gibberish rather than actual assistance. The support reps dodged from providing the accurate explanation I requested, instead giving way to generic and pointless support mailing clichés.

Are You Safe at

Are You Safe at

Score: 3 out of 10

Ensuring the clients’ security and confidentiality is what a company like this needs to consider first. proved to be quite thoughtless and negligent with its privacy policy. The service ignores the established recommendations and standards as to a user’s privacy, implementing some suspicious and dubious customer privacy regulations.

The order form requires a client to put at risk their identity and confidentiality by sharing their personal information with the system. Such a privacy “protection” mechanism is hazardous and shady and it will more likely repel users than encourage them to proceed with their order.

Can You Have Your Money Back?

Score: 2 out of 10

This writing company does feature a money-back guarantee, only it’s slightly unfavorable and vaguely disreputable. The service assures its clients of the possibility to have a refund, but the their refund policy is designed to prevent them from reimbursing the money to you. Moreover, applies a rather peculiar and scandalous method for treating your paper after you receive a refund: in the money-back guarantee section, the staff informs clients that as soon as they are given a refund, the company reserves the right to publish your assignment!

Drawing the Line

Upon receiving my order from this academic writing service, I reached the conclusion that there are numerous Domywriting reviews created specifically to trick the reader into becoming a client of this company. With so many misleading testimonials on the Internet, it gets really challenging to track down a trustworthy writing company that can carry out your academic duties successfully. To my disappointment, doesn’t stand up to this longed-for image.

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  1. The prices are affordable here but i’m kinda concerned about the quality it delivers – it’s really bad, guys

  2. was going to ask for refund after I got my bad paper. The author didn’t comply with the requirements and delivered a terrible-quality work! Why I didn’t claim for reimbursement? Just wanted to let it go and bother myself. This review is sooooo true

  3. Sucks all of it – prices, quality and stuff(((( I believe this review!!!!

  4. not the most exclellent one from what I ‘ve tried, just an ordinary firm with average quality

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