Edusson Review: Issues Students May Face Using This Service

Total Rating 5/10

I am studying in one of the most famous movie-making colleges in the US. My previous four years of studying were amazingly hard. I didn’t know how to manage all my assignments and didn’t have enough time to finish the work until the deadline. This year I found out about the special services that help students to write academic papers for different disciplines.
This was new to me, so I decided to try one, as I am very busy with filming for my diploma. It was a good experience for me to learn to not use this kind of service in advance. Therefore, I decided to write this edusson review to prevent new students from making the same mistakes.


The first thing that I was interested in was the company’s transparency. I was looking for information about where the company was created, but I could not satisfy my curiosity. Review Overview
As you see in the picture, Edusson is talking about how this service works in general. However, I did not find anything concrete or useful as a customer in the About Us section.
The same thing concerns the next screenshot. I think this section corresponds more to a How It Works page than an About Us page.

Edusson Review How It Works

This was a short overview of the service’s website. It is just the beginning of my experience in this review for edusson; consequently, let’s dive deeper.

Writers 9/10

Edusson Review Writers

I can’t measure the value of how comfortable the section has been organized about the writers. I am happy to see the writers’ profiles. The opportunity to get in touch with a reliable writer is beneficial.

Edusson Review Writers Online

I selected the best writer for me, which is why my score for this option is the highest one in this review on

Services 5/10

Of equal importance for me was the non-availability of an online calculator. I wanted to check the price before I made the order, but it was too late. I passed through the registration and pressed “Order Now.”
Also, I want to mention in this review that at first sight, there are a lot of services for every kind of academic paper. These may suit the needs of different students.

Edusson Review Services
Also, I found an unusual feature for those who want to write works for this service and make some money. It is not so bad for people to find a job and cooperate with the company, but it seems very easy to get this job.

Edusson Review- Became a Writers

Almost everyone with any grade could pass the test. The procedure seems easy to follow. This led me to suspect that their writers are not that reliable. Still, I hope the test for writers is not so easy, and non-professionals would not be able to write academic papers for students. Review Academic Papers

Consequently, the availability to join the writers’ team on the same website is more likely to be a disadvantage than an advantage to me. It is just my subjective opinion in this review for

Price and Discounts 4/10

My word on the prices review is unwavering. I couldn’t understand even by the end of counting the total amount what I had to pay the service for my work.
I was delighted with a 15% discount Edusson proposed to me. Customer support wrote to me about this issue in an e-mail.

Edusson Review Price and Discounts
Although this discount didn’t make any sense, the service’s price is still high for me and seems to be unaffordable for students. I was even trying to play this game with the chance to win a prize. The only result I got is “Almost”! I was very disappointed and didn’t understand the reason why they placed “Almost” two times.

Edusson Review Almost

After that, edusson prices review crashed.

Confidentiality 1/10

I didn’t give enough attention to these popup windows that come up in the right bottom corner from time to time. Review Confidentiality

Ultimately, I understood that these messages don’t show the customer the imaginary popularity of the service; they actually are a breach of students’ confidentiality. Because of this fact, the edusson account review has affected the overall rating of the service negatively.
I don’t mind if the service uses my name on this popup window, because I am nearly graduated from college. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t like my name to be highlighted in such writing services for students in general. This action is also contrary to what they say in the answer to one of the frequently asked questions: Review Confidentiality Questions

Money-Back Guarantee 7/10

I wanted to prevent myself from failing, so I looked for any information about their money-back guarantee. I found it in the Terms of Use: Review Money-Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, I was a little bit disappointed to find out that my money couldn’t be refunded in many circumstances. For example, if I receive a low grade for the work, they consider it to be rather a subjective notion.

Blog 5/10

The blog on is like a mix of guides, samples, tips, and topics. It is convenient for a person who sees the website firstly. But I noticed that not every article contains the primary picture. It gives the impression of a mess, and my eyes were distracted by this.

Edusson Review Blog

I found interesting articles and information inside of each sample, but I also found two significant disadvantages in the blog’s structure. The author of the example is not mentioned after it, so I can’t contact him or her if I like a sample and want them to write similarly for me. The second failure here is the ability to copy a sample from the page.
The last thing I would like to see is my sample, which costs money, to be posted here for some visitor to copy-paste for free.


If you are ready to pay crazy money because of your carelessness with time, you are welcome to do this with special writing services. However, my edusson review advises the opposite. I want to prevent newbie students from falling into a trap because nobody guarantees high grades to you after you order a paper from
At the beginning of each semester, every student has enough time to prepare a paper and then get a chance to receive a high grade. You can always ask writing services to help no less than a day before the deadline. But to do a job by yourself — this act is worthy of a responsible genius.

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  1. A shame to that person who created such services. I always blunder against scammers!..((((

  2. Edusson at least has a beautiful design and provides the transparency that concerns the authors of your essays.

  3. Sometimes it is good; sometimes, it is worse… The result depends on the complexity of the discipline.

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