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EffectivePapers Reviews: Reasons to Shun This Service

Overall rating: 5 out of 10

To be honest, I didn’t want to pen this review, until I came across several  EffectivePapers reviews that caught my attention by distorting the truth about this service. While I could come to terms with receiving downright mediocre services from this company, I wasn’t going to tolerate the spreading of a misconception of its image, which was apparently devised by its employees.

For this reason, I’d like to illuminate the true essence of the EffectivePapers service, confronting the many fake evaluations that overflow the Internet.

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A Brief Look at EffectivePapers

I’ll set things straight right from the very beginning: the sweet and pretentious claims this service makes on its website are at odds with what it really proves to be. EffectivePapers is an average academic writing company that provides a full spectrum of services, only of questionable quality with an abundance of shortcomings. The company pulls the wool over its users’ eyes with the fancy description of its performance and a number of bold statements it doesn’t fulfill.

Pricing Policy: Loyal or Not?

Score: 4 out of 10

Driven by its ambitious approach to seeing its true worth, EffectivePapers has embraced an uninviting pricing policy. Not only do the prices not match the quality the service provides, but they also overstep the pricing standards established in the industry. The factors underlying the pricing policy at EffectivePapers are the academic level, number of pages, urgency, and the type of paper ordered. This means that the higher the academic degree, the higher the price, and the shorter the time frame to perform the paper, again, the higher the price.

What about the Quality?

Score: 3 out of 10

An academic writing service should treat quality as a matter of supreme importance. EffectivePapers has proven to ignore this fundamental principle of successful and healthy performance — the service aggravated its already spoilt reputation by delivering a poor-quality paper to me.

It wasn’t until I took a look at my “expertly” written paper that I fathomed the veritable power of professional trickery. I was startled at the striking flaws my paper featured and devastated by the writer’s academic profanity. They didn’t manage to examine the subject matter in accordance with the academic requirements and deliberately omitted some points to highlight. What an arrogant move! I’d rather the writer had applied this peculiar cockiness to making my paper an acceptable piece of writing instead.

I’d also like to dedicate a few lines in this EffectivePapers.com review to the uniqueness aspect of my paper. The text was laden with plagiarism, and it contained some sentences which literally duplicated the plagiarized content. So, the writer wasn’t even capable of rewriting the original text.

To cut a long story short in my EffectivePapers review, the writer was way out of their depth, possessing no evident writing experience.


Score: 3 out of 10

The privacy policy the company adopts doesn’t stand out from its other unsatisfactory policies and rules. EffectivePapers shows no regard for its customers’ personal data protection, forcing them into an unfavorable and insecure virtual environment. When proceeding with the order form, you’ll be required to provide the complete information on your identity, such as your full name, home and email address, phone number, and your educational establishment.

From my standpoint, this is quite an outmoded approach to conducting privacy and confidentiality regulations within a service. Sharing your private information with a web company may pose a large threat to your safety. And online services are expected to make a substantial point of this, applying innovative techniques and advanced technologies for securing their clients. But at EffectivePapers, they seem to cling to a rather negligent way of providing the customers with security and privacy protection.

Money-Back Guarantee

Score: 9 out of 10

Unlike its numerous drawbacks and inconsistencies, the company features a beneficial refund policy. The service enables clients to ask for reimbursement at any stage of their order if necessary. With EffectivePapers, you can request a refund if you are left unsatisfied with the product you received. Based on what the service advertises, you can also claim reimbursement even after a 14-day period.

In my case, I didn’t go for requesting my money back, but instead ordered a free revision of my paper.

Customer Support

Score: 8 out of 10

The customer support was one more positive experience this company provided. Before contacting the support team, I was worried that this service would be as disappointing as the quality of my custom paper. As a matter of fact, my fear proved to be quite biased. The support reps demonstrated high empathy with my problem as well as strong determination to get around it.

As a result, the workers offered me several solutions to fix my issues, which I used to my biggest benefit. It’s pleasing to know that the support department at EffectivePapers wasn’t consistent with company’s tendency to mess things up, pertaining to the other aspects I mentioned earlier.

Drawing the Line

EffectivePapers is a second-rate academic writing company that is currently out of reach of excellence and reputability. The service leaves a lot to be desired, but seeing its few strong points, I believe that EffectivePapers still has some good prospects. However, at present, I wouldn’t be so naive as to recommend this service to users.

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  1. Not gonna order form them again. The prices were ok but their quality is a nightmare(((((The above EffectivePapers review is not lying

  2. Well it all began after I found their website. I proceded with my oder and finally, in 4 days, I got my essay of bad quality. Really bad, guys. I contacted support to give me some clue as to what to do next. All in all they sent me back my 20 bucks.

  3. Wow, this is so strange, I mean, the prices and support guys are good but the quality blows your mind away – it’s really bad. And other EffectivePapers reviews lieeeee((((((((

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