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Total rating: 5/10

My story begins from an early morning one day in college, when my teacher said to me that I had to finish six assignments by the end of the month. The disciplines were different, and I didn’t know where I should start. Though the history essay I could finish efficiently, the sociology research paper seemed to be very difficult, especially with the topic that the teacher assigned for me.

Usually, I ask special writing services to finish my academic papers. I have tried a different one every time, and at a certain point, I found I will never use this service again, and I have given them five stars out of ten in my Essaybox review rating.

To find the reasons for the lousy cooperation with this service, I prepared an independent review for Essaybox and described here a lot of unpleasant experiences.


It is difficult to pay attention to the disadvantages objectively when you have a couple of weeks to finish all your assignments. For my sociology research paper, I choose because it looked pretty nice.

When you are searching for the best writing service for your research paper, do it with a sharp mind. Because later on, I ended up finding a lot of disparities on the website. It is all about hurrying when you can’t fit in your deadlines, and you are always in a panic. There are more chances to make mistakes.

So I made mistakes with this service. Take a closer look at my review on Essaybox.

Writers 2/10

The low rating for this section in my Essaybox review can be explained by the total neglect on the website in the section about the writers. It is the main reason for all the issues I mentioned earlier.

Essaybox Review - Writers

The only field where I found the information about writers is the FAQ page. The most significant disadvantage is that I can’t see the writer’s credentials before he or she begins to work on my order. I am allowed to talk to my writer only when the service picks one for me. I didn’t mind having an ESL writer for my sociology research paper. His skill in writing in English was satisfying. I was just confused when finding out that my writer didn’t have any certificate in the sociology discipline.

The writer did my sociology research paper decently, just because I was explaining everything. Even though I paid nearly $73, I still had to spend time on solving issues concerning this task.

Prices 5/10

In my opinion, it is essential to mention the pricing policy in my prices review. Being accurate, I paid $72.20 for my four-page research paper.

Essaybox Review - Prices

It is $18.05 per page. I don’t mind to pay this amount if the work is done excellently. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I am satisfied with the way the service cooperates with its customers. Every detail is essential if a writing service such as Essaybox requires prices this high. Every small gap in in the service affects the quality of the academic paper.

I was delighted that Essaybox proposes even a small discount for newbies (5% off for the first order), so I decided to give them an average mark in this section’s rating.

Guarantees 7/10

As I was not satisfied with the quality of my work, I would have liked to ask my writer for a revision. Unfortunately, after I had submitted the job and downloaded it, I couldn’t ask for a free revision. This is the point I want to mention in my review to prevent students from failing.

Essaybox provides a free revision only when your order is in the review phase. You can’t download it and show it to your teacher. Depending on how long it takes, you may get back to your writer, but it will be a new order and new payment as well.

Essaybox Review - Guarantees

I do not see the point in this possibility for revision because, due to the following ten days, I had to submit my paper for verification. Actually, it is good that Essaybox gives this opportunity, but if you decide to send your assignment for revision, plan to place your order in advance to show the draft to your teacher accurately (of course, hand-write the main theses).

Money-Back Guarantee 6/10

I was surprised that Essaybox provides a money-back guarantee to its clients. It is essential to say in this review for Essaybox that students shouldn’t put too much hope on this uncertain feature. When you are waiting for your writer to complete your order, even if it is not satisfying, you will still use this educational text. The reason stays the same — tight deadlines!

Essaybox Review - Money-Back Guarantee

I would definitely ask for my money back, but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have enough time to do my sociology research paper from scratch. As you may read from the picture, the product will not belong to you if you cancel your order and ask for a refund.

Testimonials 5/10

When I noticed the testimonials on the website, I couldn’t believe how Essaybox breaks the anonymity and privacy of its customers. I think it is not a good idea to place the students’ names in the testimonials. For example, they could use an order number instead.

Essaybox Review - Testimonials

Actually, this is not the only problem with the testimonials. I opened Trustpilot and found that there are too many reviews with excellent ratings. This fact is not credible for me.

Essaybox Review - Ratings


What can I say at the end of this review for Essaybox? I got a C for my sociology research paper, and it was pretty good, at least, because I was not kicked out of college. But, honestly, it is not the proper result a student should get when paying nearly $73 for four pages.

I should learn to manage my time better and get all the assignments done by myself. At least, it would be better for my academic integrity.

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  1. I always wonder why people should pay for uncertain things. Essaybox even doesn’t provide you with information about the writer properly.

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