Essayedge Review: Hooked by Lies

My troublesome experience with Essayedge, a widely touted editing service, should serve as a warning to those hoping to receive brilliant assistance from this organization. In this Essayedge review, I’d like to reveal the ugly truth about this academic editing company. I want to inform my readers of the trouble they will get themselves into if they decide to use the services of Essayedge.

Before stumbling on this seemingly reliable company, I had checked out many online organizations, all of them offering spotless academic assistance and convenient customer experiences. What made me pick this particular organization among the hundreds of others? Well, here I have to admit that I, just like many other naive users, was tempted by the glowing reviews of this company, which later turned to be only a masterfully developed scam aimed at leading users to believe in the fake reputation of Essayedge. Further in my Essayedge review, I’ll provide the ins and outs on this unprofessional group of pseudo-academics.

Essayedge: Assisting Clients on the Edge? Review Assisting Clients on the Edge

On its plain website, the service provides somewhat generic information on its functionality, giving no facts about its history, foundation, or the works normally featured on the websites of most trustworthy organizations. Essayedge stresses that the range of its services is limited to editing and proofreading, leaving out any information about writing assistance, which suggests that this kind of service is not supported by this company.

Well, if assessing Essayedge’s services from the perspective of a user with no knowledge about its quality, what instantly comes to mind is that it’s a rather poor and insufficient service. But, providing that Essayedge demonstrated adequate help even in such a tiny collection of services, this pretty uninviting part of its performance wouldn’t be viewed in a negative way. And, given that this company fails to deliver proper assistance even in its sole service, editing, I developed even more indignation towards this organization.

How Edgy Is the Quality Provided?

EssayEgde Review How Edgy Is the Quality Provided

Now, you’ll see that there’s a good reason why I’ve been criticizing this company all along from the beginning. To begin with, the editor I was assigned with disregarded my requirements of the editing process. I specifically noted that the worker should rectify several statements in my essay and make them less controversial and vague. Instead, the writer left that part completely untouched.

Then, my other request had to do with making some amendments in the reference page, thus equipping them with the required standards of academic writing. This time, the writer did follow my note, only their corrections proved to be wrong and unprofessional. All in all, the quality of editing Essayedge provided me with was far below average!

Are the Prices Fair?

EssayEgde Review Are the Prices Fair

Alas, the pricing policy of this service was as disappointing as their editing skills. The pricing system adopted by Essayedge runs counter to the acceptable norms of the online academic assistance industry. What’s even more outraging about it is the severe inconsistency between the quality you receive and the price you are charged for it. Such a layman’s approach to leading an online business made me freak out right after I received my completed order.

Essayedge does need to change the way of pricing its subpar services. Generally speaking, a company’s pricing culture shows how dignified and creditable it is as well as how properly it treats its clientele. With Essayedge, the principle they stick to when approaching the prices illuminates the truth of its real reputation and name.

How Safe Are You with Essayedge?

Quite unexpectedly, the privacy protection system of Essayedge proved to be pretty robust and reliable. The service prevents its customers from providing their personal data as they proceed through the order form, which demonstrated Essayedge’s strong care for the safety of its clients. The issue is that their writers lack the same beneficial aspect when completing orders themselves, with their supposed “experts” being incapable of making the editing services match the standards of quality academic assistance.

My Verdict

After weighing the pros and cons of using Essayedge and finding that this pompous company features only a single pro that a client might find advantageous, I can’t call this organization a worthy editing service. Thus, I want to end this Essayedge review by emphasizing that this organization doesn’t measure up to a professional academic assistance company, and it will leave its customers disappointed and broke.

5 Responses

  1. No, no way I will get into this scam again, don’t let lure you into placing an order on their website!!!!

  2. This Essayedge review is another back-up to my own low opinion of this monkey business.

  3. I ordered the editing of my thesis from these idiots. What I received I return of the good cash I payed them was a missed deadline, inappropriate treatment from their support team, and severe stress at the end of my “memorable” adventures with this company. I believe this Essayedge review more than the service’s showy claims

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