One of the Most Extensive Essaymama Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages

Total Rating 5/10

I was finishing college and rushing with a lot of assignments. The month before exams is a hot time for every student. I was always good in different studies and disciplines, but I still get nervous when tasks accumulate. I decided to take the load off my shoulders by appealing to a writing service for students.

In this Essaymama review, I would like to share my experience of using this service. First of all, I want to thank the Universe that it was preventing me from using this kind of service earlier, as it is a total waste of money.

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Ranking Company Rating Review
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Price and Discounts 8/10

It was a pleasant surprise to get a 20% discount on my first order. The price was high for me, because I am a student and found my first job a couple of months ago. It is always challenging for students to make ends meet. Review Price and Discounts

Anyway, I am happy that I got the most significant discount just because I am a newbie at this service. Review Discount

Writers 3/10

I couldn’t find any information about my writer on Essaymama. There is an impression that the writer’s personality is not on the foreground for this service.

When I placed the order on this website, I felt that the company might not provide me with the best academic writer, as I had plenty of time until the deadline. As I thought, they decided to give me the newbie, who even was not familiar with such formatting styles as APA or MLA.

The reason I got a B instead of an A was the wrong format of my essay.

Blog 6/10

When I found this part on the website, only one question floated in my mind: “Is Essaymama legit?” I think this is another confirmation of the weak confidentiality at this service. The reason is because of the placing of essay samples on the website. What if my essay appears here as well? Actually, I don’t see this as dangerous, because the last update here was on June 8th, 2016.

Essaymama Review Blog

But I don’t want somebody to get it for free if I paid for it.

On the other hand, I appreciate that this company allows me to read a lot of new inspiring texts that will help me choose topics for other disciplines. However, I would rather write an essay on my own.

Testimonials 4/10

Also, I want to mention in this review that I disagree with the testimonials on this service. As you may see in the further picture, every brief review is signed with a name and date: Review Testimonials

I think that publishing customers’ names on this kind of service is inappropriate because it breaks their confidentiality. I don’t want anybody from my class to find out about me using this service. It was the first disadvantage of the Testimonials section.

The second disadvantage was the date when these comments were published. I think that the admins should renew the database of reviews on their service and place more new information.

Money-Back Guarantee 2/10

It was very disappointing to not find any information about a money-back guarantee. I think it is essential for any modern company to provide some financial protection for their customers. At least, this applies to modern companies. Still, taking into consideration the last dates of posting testimonials and articles on the blog, everyone should understand that something went wrong in Essaymama.

Info about the Company 7/10

It is good to mention in my Essaymama review that this company represents itself with the video on the About Us page. Even though the story in the video is too short for understanding the main features of the service, anyway, they took the right approach. Review Info about the Company

The more useful information companies say about themselves in their “about us” sections, the more real they look. Actually, I expected more details about the founders of the company, what their main goals were, and where the office of the company is located. Despite this, described just their features:

Order Form and Process 5/10 Review Order Form and Process

I found the order form to be a very complicated tool. I spent nearly an hour filling in all these fields and checking out the information again and again. Review Order Form

Regarding this table, you may guess how annoying the order process turns out to be.

A good tip for not making a mistake in the main order form is to use the online calculator before placing the order. Review Online Calculator

Of course, you may contact the support team, which is working 24/7, and ask them for more details. When I asked my support manager for help, he was often redirecting me from one part of the website to another. It seemed that he didn’t understand the information well enough.


The total rating in this Essaymama review is 5 points out of 10. I think this is an honest score for the service, and a lot of information is covered. I suppose that’s because of the type of company Essaymama is. When a student uses another person’s essay as their own without doing any research, the teaching staff of the college may notice it and reveal the academic dishonesty.

To prevent myself from further mistakes, I will choose to write essays on my own, even if it cost me a couple of sleepless nights.

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  1. Nice design, but I doubt in the quality of the essay I paid for. One day is left to the deadline. I am still waiting it from my writer.

  2. I never believe any of these educational services. Better to manage your time and do an assignment by yourself.

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