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Writing a research paper is a painful challenge, especially if you’re bouncing between college and work, trying to balance your studying and money making. As a regular college daredevil straining to make a living, I stress at the thought of writing a paper myself, and instead venture to get professional help on the Internet. And this EssayShark review explains why using academic writing services is not such a bad idea. Review


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I befriended this service after several unsuccessful attempts to have my research paper done, and completely reviewed my attitude toward how a high-quality academic assistance should be conducted. And now that I have a spare minute to put pen to paper, I’d like to share my brilliant experience of being a customer of EssayShark. So, my review on EssayShark is at your service!

EssayShark Overview

The service has a successful seven-year history of delivering exceptional academic assistance to students like me. Before ordering my paper on their website, I studied other EssayShark reviews and testimonials from its customers, which only encouraged me to start my cooperation with the “sharks” as well as suggested of the service’s popularity in the industry. The service offers a full range of services, including a complete spectrum of academic writing genres, revisions, constant access to a writer, and 24/7 customer support.

Benefits Review Benefits

EssayShark provides customers with a wide selection of striking benefits and features. It features the ultimate number of perks that must be the trigger driving customers to use the service. And now, I wish to elaborate on each of them.

  • 100% privacy 

The service ensures the total protection of your privacy and guarantees complete confidentiality. With EssayShark, you are discouraged from providing your personal data to the system, being asked for your e-mail address only. In my opinion, customer privacy protection should be of primary concern for a service like this. And it seems that EssayShark fully complies with this requirement. Review 100% privacy

  • Quality 

The quality of my research paper attested to the reputability of the service — I got an A for it! Not only did the writer manage to meet the confusing number of requirements, but also shaped it into a true language masterpiece, demonstrating strong proficiency in English. The writing was smooth and enjoyable and lacked the mistakes that occur due to language gaps. This makes me suspect that my paper was written by a native speaker, though it may have been a non-native possessing very strong English skills.

The only drawback I can mention is the presence of some minor discrepancies in the terminology the paper included. Nevertheless, this didn’t spoil the overall quality of my paper.

  • Delivery

This is another aspect I’d like to include in my review of EssayShark. As the service advertises, I received my paper on time and had a chance to skim through it before handing it in. To be honest, failing to compete the paper on time was my biggest fear. But, thanks to the writer’s promptness, I was one of the first students in my group to submit my research paper.

  • Pricing

Now, for my small prices review. The pricing policy of the service is pretty fair and customer friendly. I’m pleased to acknowledge that the prices of EssayShark’s services are affordable, which makes them available to students with low budgets.


The design of the EssayShark website is rather inviting and hip. The web pages feature a stylish combination of yellow, white, and green. The landing page displays a number of blocks containing must-read information on the service and its features. I found it really comfy and convenient that all the website’s information is organized and structured neatly.


The service uses a shark as its hallmark symbol. Alas, the hunting animal doesn’t appear fully on the web pages. Instead, on the landing page, we are shown a shark’s telltale part — its first dorsal spine that slides from left to right, indicating the rapid movements of the fish. This way, the service draws a parallel between its main features and the archetypal attributes of a shark: promptness, vigilance, accuracy, and a hunger for bait. But in their case, the bait stands for academic writing, I guess. Comparing the work of your service to a shark’s courageous behavior is quite a creative idea, to my mind.

Payment Policy

The EssayShark service offers customers a fair payment policy. The system works in such a way that you don’t pay the writer beforehand, but only after the paper is completed. It’s also possible to have a refund; however, this aspect has some peculiarities you need to consider. Before you make a payment, you have to upload the money to your EssayShark account, and then send it to your writer. A refund can be conducted only before the funds are sent. In other words, you can have your money back as long as you have it in your account.

All in all, I wouldn’t say there’s any need to care about your refund, given the quality you will receive with this service.

Setting Price Review Setting Price

For pricing the orders, EssayShark uses a very convenient and state-of-the-art system — a bidding system, whereby you can assign the writer for your custom essay by yourself. This is how it works: you post your order and wait for writers to offer their help along with the price, which they will be indicating below your post.

My Verdict

EssayShark is an outstanding writing service. They will perform any kind of academic work for you in the most beautiful way! Considering my experience with EssayShark, I believe the service to be irrefutably one of the most reputable and trustworthy academic services on the Internet. Therefore, I recommend you to give the “sharks” a try and order your custom essay or research paper here.


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  1. Sharks can definitely bite your academic terror, and this essayshark review proves this)) Recommend!

  2. A good one, worth the money. Sharks is the company that values customers most of all!!!!

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  5. The best assistance I could ever receive, my respect. I highly recommend to use this service))

  6. I’m in astonished at the quality they deliver — the service employs true professionals

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  8. My choice is cause the service provides fully fledged writing support.

  9. Been using this service for years. Got huge success at college thanks to the professionalism and commitment from the writers!!

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