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Overall rating: 5 out of 10 

I have always been very prudent and skeptical about any business capitalizing on its customers’ incapacity to cope with their problems. As the industry that offers help to students who lack enthusiasm or the ability to handle their studying duties, the academic writing market didn’t attract me much, to say the least. And it wasn’t until I started bouncing between my job and studying that I swayed in the way I viewed the business in question. I tackled the Internet with inquiries about the top writing services and thus ended up studying reviews.

Almost all of them were acclaiming the service, which sparked some hope and confidence in me. I strongly anticipated my total satisfaction with what I would receive from But no such luck, alas. The company failed to address my requirements and adhere to what it advertises on its website. And, of course, I’m not going to confine my assessment of this service to just this terse remark. I’m dedicating this extensive article to reviewing

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Ranking Company Rating Review
1 essaybulls reviewEssaybulls 9.6 is a fairly new essay writing service. The service offers a wide variety of typical academic papers: essays, reviews, business plans, case studies, dissertations, and more.

2 logoAnswerShark 9.4 AnswerShark top ranked homework help and assignment writing service.



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9 GetCodingHelp is ranked among the leading services that offer programming help online.


What It Is at First Sight is an academic writing company that delivers a complete spectrum of services and products. The service defines itself as being “professionally dedicated” to creating pieces of academic writing and delivering “essays written from scratch.” Now that I can tell whether it’s true or not from my own standpoint, I will lead with Al Pacino’s iconic, relevant saying: “Vanity is my favorite sin.” simply doesn’t match its showy image created with the extravagant and glib claims on its website.
Now, I’d like to proceed to a more detailed explanation as to why I don’t recommend this service.


Score: 5 out of 10

According to what the company argues on its website, there’s no such thing as a low-quality essay. But it turns out there is, and I’m very upset to realize that this was the case with my own custom cybernetics essay. Unfortunately, the pretentious way the company positions its quality assurance couldn’t make up for the plentiful shortcomings in my essay. In some other Essayswriting reviews, the quality is also rated very low.
Speaking of the writing itself, it was slightly cumbersome and contained a number of odd grammatical constructions and misused words. This made it obvious that the writer’s English left a lot to desired. As for the coherence of my custom essay, the paper lacked an academic approach and was largely inconsistent. All in all, I resorted to correcting both logical and grammatical fallacies in the essay myself.


Score: 3 out of 10

I was exasperated by the uniqueness issues in the essay. After I received my order for the first time and ran it through a checker, the plagiarism amount was a whopping 40%. I right away contacted the writer asking for substantial refinement of my order. The second time was a little more relieving — 15% of the writing had plagiarism. In addition to sorting out this mess, I was put through another challenge, this time in the face of the support team. For more details, be sure to go further.

Customer Support

Score: 4 out of 10

Preoccupied with the plagiarism tumult, I didn’t hesitate to inform the support workers of such laxity in adhering to academic standards, hoping to get the problem resolved. Then, it took me several letters to get their condescending response and have my problem solved. Finally, they took pity on me and put me in touch with the writer.

This experience showed me that at, support workers totally dismiss their duties. However, this may still have been a bitter coincidence and my request just happened to be viewed by some support idler. Well, it could be, but I have no intention to check my hypothesis.


Score: 8 out of 10

The pricing policy this service adopts is pretty favorable, which is important to stress in this Essayswriting review. The prices start at $9.95 and go as far as $197. They range based on academic degree and deadline period. The lowest price covers an undergraduate paper completed in two weeks, while the highest amount is paid for an admission essay developed within a three-hour time frame. The company also provides free revisions, which is applicable for two weeks after the deadline.

Money-Back Guarantee

The company features quite a transparent refund policy. It does provide unsatisfied clients with a 100% refund, but on certain conditions. A customer is eligible for a total refund on the grounds of the following conditions: there is a payment mistake; the service can’t assign the writer; the deadline is missed.

If the reason why you want your payments back doesn’t match any of these circumstances, you can only claim a 50% refund. In my case, I didn’t benefit from their reimbursement policy as I didn’t want to bother bombarding the clueless support team with another round of e-mails.

My Verdict is a second-rate writing service that doesn’t meet the standards of high-quality academic assistance. Its veneer of reputability and excellence cracks as soon as the client receives their order and loses the false impression the company’s spotless profile had made on them. Through this review, I tried to demonstrate that the company employs unprofessional writers who are not equipped for developing academic papers, and also disregards essential loyalty rules. For now, I can’t advise you to try the services of

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  1. Can’t recommend! This essayswriting review seems to have been written by a real customers.

  2. Had kinda frantic experience with this company – belated delivery, quality isssues, and some more, similarly to the author of this review.

  3. The prices here are acceptable and the support team works well. But they pay no respect to deadlines, and hire scantly professional writers! I believe there isn’t a single native speaker working there.

  4. Not sure if I can recommend it, the paper they delivered was pretty mediocre((

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