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Don’t Waste Your Time: Gonerdify Is a Service That Can’t Help Students with Their Essays

Total Rating 5/10

Hello, everyone! I want to begin my review of Gonerdify from the story of how I found out about this kind of service.

The first year in college was hard as hell for me. I had been completing a lot of assignments every week because I was studying many disciplines. The second year is much easier for me now because I focus on the study of narrow specialties. This allows me to find an easy job, but the job takes a bit of time. Therefore, I am still always hurrying to finish my essays by the deadline, and I’m not so successful with it.

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My friend recommended me to search for special writing services for students. I didn’t know what to choose from such a significant amount, and I saw how my roommate placed an order at gonerdify.com. I decided that it might be trustworthy and turned to this service in the same evening. I didn’t find other gonerdify reviews as comprehensive as mine, which is why I decided to describe the situation in detail.


The website seemed to be quite serious, so I decided to place an order. It was my mistake to be so hasty. I recommend people to always check the information about the company before ordering a paper.

As I noticed, the design of gonerdify.com is very nice, but it doesn’t mean you can easily find what you need. As a result of my inattentiveness, my essay was written by a non-qualified writer. I had to correct a lot of mistakes by myself and almost rewrote it all.

Company Information 2/10

Getting acquainted with Gonerdify is totally impossible. The About Us section is placed in the footer. The font is so small that the sign is almost invisible for new visitors to the website.

Gonerdify Review Company Information

That’s why I was upset when I discovered that I had no chance to find out anything about this company. At least, I found where the company is based.

Gonerdify Review About this company

The information is not readable, as it seems the founders want to hide things from students. I am perplexed about why they don’t list the date of creation, purposes, or place where it was founded. If it was adequately described on the About Us page, students would believe it more.

Gonerdify Review - About Us page

Accordingly, the publishing houses that supposedly mentioned Gonerdify in their articles are clearly presented. On the pages of Forbes, however, gonerdify.com isn’t mentioned at all, and this page even doesn’t exist:

Gonerdify.com 404

Blog 5/10

The blog is not such a bad place. Here you can find interesting information, although many articles don’t concern the studying process or educational tips.  Gonerdify.com has just six articles about the studying process. I would say it is not enough for me, and probably not for other students who don’t know how to write essays.

Gonerdify Review Blog

For example, I wanted to find an article that explains clearly about citing in MLA format. It would also be useful to have some ideas of topics for future essays.

Money-Back Guarantee 7/10

It is good to know about the money-back guarantee on Gonerdify. I am giving a seven out of ten for providing students the opportunity to refund payments when customers are not satisfied with the quality of their orders.

Gonerdify Review Money-Back Guarantee

Remember, if you need this in the future, all the refund requests are to be submitted no later than 30 days after the product or service was sent to the student. I didn’t ask for it because I used the literature that the writer chose for me and rewrote it with the citing format that I needed.

Writers 4/10

One more slipup is the section about the writers of gonerdify.com. Very little is mentioned about the writers working for this service. I didn’t notice it at the beginning of using Gonerdify.

Gonerdify Review -Writers

Then I followed the Meet Top Nerds link and found out about the best writers of the service. I contacted some of them, but nobody was an expert in the topic of my essay, which was in the public relations discipline.

Gonerdify Review - Top Nerds

The arrangement that provides the ability to hire a nerd is more expensive than an order for an essay from other services, and Gonerdify chooses the writer for you.

My writer was reliable, but I think I just had good luck. What would happen if I got an assignment that was of lousy quality in the end? Even the fact that I had to rewrite my essay didn’t disappoint me as much as the inability to get bids from writers.

Legality and Confidentiality 3/10

Gonerdify Review - Legality and Confidentiality

As I mentioned earlier, I am worried about my confidentiality. A difficult assignment isn’t worth losing your education. I see that Gonerdify has a statement about the legality of the service, but I am not sure that my confidentiality is secure. Even if I don’t mention it myself as a customer who ordered an essay from the service, I can’t be sure that my name wouldn’t appear in some of the testimonials:

Gonerdify.com Review Testimonials

I am skeptical that all these reviews are even real. It simply can’t be all testimonials with five stars out of five.

Samples 6/10

From one angle, I suffered from the absence of essay samples at gonerdify.com. Honestly, I wouldn’t have paid around a hundred dollars for the quality of their work, but at least it was ready immediately (or the night before the deadline).

From another angle, I understood that it could be worse. At least nobody else will use the essay I paid for.

Customer Support 8/10

Nerdybot is a very nice invention at gonerdify.com, but I would have liked an online calculator as an additional service on the website.

Gonerdify.com Customer Support

It is handier not to ask anybody for help when you are independent and confident in finding the price on your own. That’s why my score for this section is higher than others. I give an eight out of ten for customer support in my gonerdify review.

Final Word

As a conclusion, I received the average grade of C+. This is not the lowest score in the class, and at least I can stay in college, because the teacher didn’t understand I paid for some parts of this essay. In any case, a bad experience is also helpful for the future.

I will never follow my friends or roommates concerning the experience with student’s writing services such as gonerdify.com. I would rather ask a smart person for help than go to gonerdify.

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  1. I had the worse experience working with Goendirfy. Why should I always do my assignment by myself???

  2. I can’t see the prices. I can’t see the proper services. I can’t see writers… What actually you can do at gonerdify.com except paying them money for nothing?

  3. I don’t think it is cheating while you are paying. You had to tell your writer to take the author’s rights.

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