GrabMyEssay Review: Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enters Here

Citing Dante is nerdy, but that’s fine for a literature geek. I adore reading, but I’m not good at calculating and math. When it comes to numbers, I prefer to pay experts for my homework and save time for another exciting book.

I study management, and, unfortunately, I frequently face calculus assignments. As a result, I use writing services from time to time. When I’m in an adventurous mood, I start looking for new services.

Sometimes, fate smiles upon me, and I find a good service with affordable prices. At other times, I discover something like GrabMyEssay. This GrabMyEssay review is a cry from my heart and a silent prayer for those who use this site regularly. Hang on! I’m with you.

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Why Does It Still Exist?

I have no idea. I literally can’t give a reasonable answer in my GrabMyEssay review.

Who, for God’s sake, would order from this web designer’s nightmare? Terrible contrasting colors, small font, too many words, and a total absence of logic — that’s an approximate description of GrabMyEssay’s main page. It looks like a site from 2007, and not even the best one.

No matter how shocked I was, I had to continue my investigation of this abuse of style and common sense. And I clicked the bright button labeled “Proceed to Order.” I wish I never did that.

Oh, Those Prices

The prices on GrabMyEssay aren’t too high at first sight. This is what you see on the main page: Review Prices

For one page, $15 isn’t too low, but in fact quite affordable, right? Not so fast! When you proceed to the order page, everything gets really complicated.

The first thing that I’ve noticed is that papers on different disciplines have different prices! I’ve seen such inconsistency for the first time in my life. The list of disciplines is too long, and I’ll give you only a few examples:

  • Art, Business, Economics — $14.99
  • Architecture, Geography — $16.99
  • Geology, Environmental Science, Natural Science— $17.99
  • Law, Anthropology, Physics — $19.99
  • IT & Technology, JavaScript, Engineering — $24.99

How do you like that? Perhaps, the differences in prices can be explained. But what about a warning? I haven’t seen any note about the variability of the cost. And I don’t understand the purpose of this marketing move.

Do they want to trick their customers? Or, perhaps they don’t want to frighten them away with high prices for engineering and IT assignments? Anyway, displaying different prices on different pages is a shady practice, and I don’t like it at all.

Another weird thing about GrabMyEssay is picking a writer. If you’re a returning client, you can request a specific writer. This feature is popular among writing services, and that’s understandable. Customers want to cooperate with the same experts who have proved their skills.

But no one asks for an additional fee for this opportunity! In a normal world, you give returning clients discounts and bonuses — you don’t make them pay more! That’s GrabMyEssay, baby! Review Discounts

If your requested writer agrees to complete your order, you’ll have to pay +20% to the order total.

And in case you want a UK writer, you’ll have to shell out another 10%! And again, there is no clear explanation. Maybe some customers are ready to pay for this madness, but they at least have the right to know why.

If you think that there’s nothing left to surprise you in this GrabMyEssay review — you’re wrong.

Very Specific Additional Services

You’ll also have to pay for additional services to get a decent paper sample (at least, to increase the probability):

  • Originality report

This thing makes no sense! You have to pay almost 30 bucks to make sure that your sample is original. Why would anyone do that? GrabMyEssay guarantees plagiarism-free samples on their main page. Don’t you think that this additional service compromises their guarantees?

  • Proofreading service

I’m not sure, but isn’t it a writer’s job to proofread their own samples? Why pay twice? And this service isn’t cheap: you have to pay an additional $6 for EACH PAGE. That’s crazy! And I have one question: do customers get samples with misprints and mistakes if they don’t pay for proofreading?

  • Urgent writer selection

GrabMyEssay claims that for an extra 16 bucks they’ll find the best writer in minutes. Why not do that for all customers? It’s not that hard if the service has an entire base of available experts.

  • Customer service

This is just the cherry on top. In addition to all the things mentioned above, you also have to pay for high-quality customer service. For free, you’ll only get the “Basic” level. No quality control, no updating the order progress, and no guarantees. That’s insane! Customers shouldn’t have to spend an extra 10 or 15 dollars for good service. I’ve never seen the same thing on other sites.

Let’s calculate! If you want to order, for example, a two-page essay on anthropology with a one-week deadline from a premium writer who will proofread and add a draft, you’ll have to pay 80 bucks! For two pages! Review Very Specific Additional Services

GrabMyEssay Review: Sad Conclusion

I’m so disappointed. I don’t want to believe that there are people who are ready to pay for this level of service. And I don’t want to think that this level of service still exists on our planet.
And I want you to take a look at this site and see what services you should avoid by all means.

6 Responses

  1. This service looks like a total scam. Maybe it’s nor, but there are many alternatives so I’m not going to risk.

  2. This grab my essay review really goes beyond, so cruel. But I think that’s true(

  3. I’ve ordered once from this service. Quality is sh*tty as well as design. It’s a pity I haven’t seen this review before.

  4. Grabmyeesay reviews are very contradictory. I don’t know who I should believe.

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