Grademiners Review: My Firsthand Experience

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

When your newly founded family is beginning to take up almost all of your life, your studying eventually gets relegated to the background. University and kids are incompatible and thus hard to balance reasonably and effectively. And, when you finally give up one for another, it starts squeezing out the one you rejected. Based on the fact that I’m writing this Grademiners review after my dazing experience with this company, it’s easy to guess what I chose.

And by calling it “dazing,” I don’t mean anything promising. That’s why, to be more specific, I’ll add another description to this service: low-quality and tricky. This is the impression I have of Grademiners. Therefore, I anxiously wrote this Grade Miners review to express my dissatisfaction with the company and warn other naive users from getting lured into this trap.

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Grademiners: Is It Worth the Splurge?

“A huge marketplace for expert writers, with over 300 orders completed per day in the high season” — this is how they define their service on the website. With such an enticing description, a potential customer may think that it’s the right place for ordering their custom essay. But it’s not even close to it. The company proved to be a rather mediocre writing marketplace that lacks expertise and professionalism to give its customers proper academic assistance.

Further in this review, I will provide a more detailed explanation as to why you should avoid this company.


I’d like to begin my assessment of this service with the evaluation of the “guarantees” showcased on its website.

Quality assurance

Score: 3 out of 10

Every reputable writing company should keep their focus primarily on quality, as it makes the core element of any product or service. At Grademiners, they treat quality as a matter of secondary importance, based on what I experienced with my order.

At first sight, my linguistics essay seemed to be quite okay: it contained all the references mentioned in the instructions and had a pretty decent and well-structured table of contents. But this is only what comes to the front when you hastily look through the work. After I devoured the first passage, I got a strong sense of relief, too. But, as I proceeded through the essay, this sense became evanescent.

The further parts of my essay demonstrated the writer’s lack of academic writing skills, along with their inability to express thoughts clearly and in a succinct manner, as any essay format requires. The text featured some misguided and unsubstantiated statements, inconcise arguments off the topic, and a rather odd and illogical structure. Now, I’m not sure whether they just assigned the wrong writer to my order, or such “masterminds” are commonplace at Grademiners.

100% confidentiality

Score: 8 out of 10

According to what the service advertises, all customers’ personal information is kept confidential and is strictly protected. And, bingo! They didn’t fail to stick to this guarantee. Grademiners has a favorable privacy policy, which meets the common privacy protection standards.

The system doesn’t ask for any of your personal information, nor does it request it throughout the order completion process. I was somewhat surprised at the way the company maintains its security mechanism, since it’s seldom adopted today, to the customer’s detriment.

24/7 support

Score: 2 out of 10 

I was pretty drained out with the support system of the service and, according to other reviews on Grade Miners, other students were, too. Before I placed an order with this company, I attempted to contact the support center to find out a few things concerning the price. But, I never reached them before ordering my essay there. And, when the time to connect with the support team came once more, I braced myself for another contact letdown, and not entirely in vain. After I made several unsuccessful calls and wrote a few angry letters, the support team decided to have mercy on me. At last, their employee picked up the phone and uttered his phony greeting.

But there wasn’t much help I got from the support guy. He was evidently missing communication skills and some perceptive abilities.

Editing policy

Score: 8 out of 10

Additionally to writing your essay, the company offers you editing services, just to add “extra brilliance” to the work. Well, in my case, what I needed was my essay to at least be logical and academic, let alone having a touch of brilliance and the like. Therefore, I ended up asking them to edit my essay. I specifically stressed that they assign a different writer to this task. Fortunately enough, the editing somehow improved my essay and tailored it to the academic standards.

Money-back guarantee

Score: 2 out of 10

The company does feature a refund policy, only it’s quite shady. On its website, customers are assured that Grademinors will provide a total reimbursement of costs. But it’s not as simple as advertised. You can ask for a full refund only unless you downloaded your paper. Moreover, even if you claim a partial refund, your request will be subjected to a rigid checking procedure.

To Wrap Up

All said and done, I have to return my verdict on the performance of Grademiners. The service doesn’t come up to the standards of a high-quality and reliable academic writing marketplace. Its numerous shortcomings don’t allow it to be a good solution for students looking for academic help. For now, I’ll refrain from recommending the company to students.

5 Responses

  1. This grademiners review reflects things in very accurate way. I had a terrible experience with this company, and that’s why I can’t recommend it. Ordered my custom paper which was delivered after the agreed date! The quality was so really bad

  2. Customer support works really well, but the other aspects really suffer, like mentioned in this Grade miners review.

  3. I’ve no idea why the service so widely known – it doesn’t give students what they need

  4. My impression of this company is similar to the author of this grademiners review. Avoid it!

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