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Total Rating 4.7/10

Hi, everyone! I want to share with you my independent review for Masterpapers from when I used this service.
I suppose that a lot of students like me face tight deadlines with their assignments, and they don’t know what to do with these tasks. Actually, I hate homework assignments, but I want to pass my exams and get my degree. That’s why I tried to ask reliable writers for help. It was my first time using services like Masterpaper, so I had no prior experiences to rely on.
All of the following points are just my subjective opinion. Accordingly, you may or may not consider them.


I paid attention to the beautiful design, but there was a lot of new information. I haven’t seen a service like this before. Thus I didn’t know where to go first.
I decided to go to the About Us section to find out more information about Masterpaper.

Info about the Company 6/10

My expectations weren’t met when looking at the details about Masterpaper. The company has been working as a service for helping students for over 14 years. I was unable to find the information about their team or the place where their office is located.

MasterPapers Review Info about the Company
The information about the company is too figurative on this page. It was nice to read the description of procedures of choosing writers for the service, but it was not what I expected to see on the About Us page.

MasterPapers Review Info
Accordingly, I will say in my Masterpapers review that the information on this page is the same as on the home page.

Prices 5/10

Almost every page on this website has an online calculator. It’s a useful tool, but this was very annoying.

MasterPapers Review Prices

Actually, it’s not a big deal. I am upset about something else: the prices for Ph.D. and High School levels are nearly the same. Just compare these graphs below:

MasterPapers Review Prices 2
In my Masterpapers prices review I have found that all the discounts and free benefits proposed here are no more than a marketing move to attract the customer.

MasterPapers Review Free Benefits
Masterpapers proposed 15% off the total price. I ordered my essay of five pages for the mathematics discipline and paid $103.90, while the total cost was $122.24. This working discount I received made me a little bit less grumpy for my prices review.

Confidentiality 4/10

It is essential to mention in a review for Masterpapers that I am not sure if my essay will not be sold to other customers. This thought came to my mind when I saw the writing samples that every visitor of can download for free. Review Confidentiality
It is very helpful when a writing service represents their product as a sample for the customer, but it would be better just for viewing, not for downloading. I am assuming that other students may be able to use the work for which you paid.

Writers 3/10

I know that every service is trying to protect the customer’s rights, but I don’t understand why Masterpapers hide their writers from students like me. I want to be sure that my paper is in reliable hands, but I was not able to check their writers’ competence before I was assigned one from the service.
I’ve been lucky, I think, because the quality of my paper was excellent, and I got a B+ from my teacher for this mathematics essay. Anyway, it is a bit troubling, as the service doesn’t show who you are paying.

Services 5/10

The thing I totally like about this service is how the information is organized here. I can find all the services on this column:

MasterPapers Review Services
It is pretty fast to look through this list and find exactly what you are looking for. Every style of assignment is mentioned here.
But the reason I am taking five points off the rating for services in my review for is a lack of information when opening each of these items on the list. The issue is the same as with the About Us page: whether you opened Guest Post or Paraphrasing Tool, you will get the same result on the page. Review About Us page1 Review About Us page2 Review About Us page 3 Review About Us page 4

Testimonials 2/10

The integrity of their reviews is questionable, in my opinion, as they present only reviews with high scores. When you visit the Reviews page, you may notice that there are no scores lower than three. Review Testimonials

Even if the ratings are shown from Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and client reviews on the website, you may not open these pages while clicking on these blocks:

MasterPapers Review blocks

I will say that my report with three stars is not published on the website, and admins still have been moderating it for two weeks.

Money-Back Guarantee 8/10

I awarded the highest rating in this review for for their money-back guarantee. The person I contacted from customer support also was knowledgeable and spoke pleasantly to me while I was hesitating to order an essay from Masterpapers.

MasterPapers Review Money-Back Guarantee
She told me that there was no reason to panic. Therefore, I got my essay, showed it to the teacher, and waited for the result from him. After one week, he told me about my grade, and I was satisfied. It is good that Masterpapers gives a 14-day term after the day you receive your paper to request a full refund. I am happy, and my teacher told me the result within seven days.

Final Words

Lastly, in my Masterpapers review, I want to say that I was hoping for more professionalism because this service was created especially for helping students with academic essays. I understand now that this is just a business, and a beautiful design is a part of the marketing process.
Of course, thanks to Masterpapers, I learned of how I should cite and format my work to make it clear and friendly for the teacher’s eye. I am a little bit unfocused while formatting, but I am smart enough to do essays by myself next time.

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  1. Sometimes this service helps me a lot, and sometimes I am disappointing. Maybe, it depends on the writer I get.

  2. I ordered the first time my essay on Masterpapers. Why I didn’t find your testimonial before???

  3. Come on, better, to ask for your money back. Customer support didn’t help me and didn’t let me change my writer.

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