MyAssignmentHelp Review: The Pretty Obvious Truth

It is not a secret that getting writing help from someone reduces a student’s stress. Therefore, reading through information about different writing services can be helpful. Of course, it’s best to use a writing service yourself, but finding reviews is a good solution to find out whether a particular site is good enough. Take a look at this MyAssignmentHelp review to learn about its work. By the way, in response to this review, you can leave a comment if you have used this service as well.

Is It Worth It?

Of course, there are writing services that help get rid of writing problems. MyAssignmentHelp also claims that it can solve your problems, but in reality it is not true. The company featured in this review has to work hard to change its bad reputation into a good one. If they want to attract customers, they need to build a better writing site. I will introduce you further to this service, which has some disadvantages that you should take into account if you are going to use it. My investigation and other people’s reviews prove that it is not a good option to use.


Many MyAssignmentHelp reviews indicate that customers are no satisfied with the work the writers provide. When I received a paper from them, it seemed it was written by a nine-year-old child. I think that for the writers who work at MyAssignmentHelp, it is unattainable to write good papers. They write papers without proper research of the topics. Contrary to your expectations, you won’t find professional writers here. I think that their writers should improve their writing and research skills.


All students need to submit completed tasks on time if they want to get good grades. On MyAssignmentHelp, you won’t be pleasantly surprised with a quick delivery. I find it strange when a writing service can’t deliver papers on time, because the writer agrees to write a paper according to the set deadline when he or she gets an order. If you place an order here, you may not receive the paper on time.

Order Form

MyAssignmentHelp Review Order Form

As you can see, the order form differs from order forms on other writing sites. The fact is you won’t know even the average prices of your paper without entering your e-mail. I believe that MyAssignmentHelp uses such a trick to get your e-mail address to send you endless spam. If you like to take risks, you can place an order here. I must admit that this order form looks strange.


This review should include a section about the uniqueness of their papers. Delivering unique papers is a rule that should be followed by all writing services. Using this service has given me a clear understanding that they don’t always deliver 100% original papers. If you use this service and receive plagiarized work, you need to request a refund.

Money-Back Guarantee

As I have said before, if you find out that the paper is not original or face some other serious problems, you need to request a refund. Such a decision is obvious, and all writing services should provide customers with a money-back guarantee. MyAssignmentHelp claims that they provide clients with such an option, but you should try hard to get your money back. You will not get it back if you simply don’t like how the paper is written. The service hides this problem because they want customers to trust them. Prices Review

Unfortunately, I never found a page with prices listed on MyAssignmentHelp. The goal of this is to hide that the service offers help at high costs. It is a big disadvantage, as most people would refuse to place an order on the site if they didn’t see at least average prices. I think that each writing site should show their prices so that the customer knows what to expect.

MyAssignmentHelp Reviews and Testimonials Reviews and Testimonials

MyAssignmentHelp has a page with reviews where it presents customers’ opinions. I constantly see writing services that present only positive feedback. This service doesn’t publish truthful testimonials because they don’t want to scare off potential customers. I noticed that real reviews are not positive at all, and you can find them on the Internet as well. Within a few minutes, you will find out the true opinions of customers.


As you are using a writing service, you may need revisions. Such an option is designed for the customer’s benefit because they may not be fully satisfied with the papers the writers provide. The best writers know how to quickly make changes and corrections, but as I have already mentioned, MyAssignmentHelp doesn’t have a team of such experts. If you plan to ask for revisions here, they won’t won’t change much for the better. Either you will agree with what you receive here or make corrections by yourself.

What Turned Out in the End

We all love when we get the best possible service no matter what areas these services are provided in. However, when talking about a writing service, it is difficult to find a decent helper. I looked at MyAssignmentHelp and found that I could easily refuse using this site. I conducted a small investigation and found that it has lots of drawbacks. I think that readers are interested to know what has come of it. You won’t get a quality paper here or save money. You won’t be dealing with professional writers here. You won’t be able to get your money back if the paper is poorly written. Each potential customer should take this into account.

I rate the service 4.8 out of 10.

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