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Total rating 5/10

Whenever I start an assignment, I go through a circle of suffering. Even if it is a movie review, I can’t academically explain my thoughts. For writing this two-page review, I had to watch the most boring documentary — “The Loch Ness Monster.”

I had begun to watch it for the first five minutes, but then I decided not to waste my time. I found a new service to write a movie review for my class. After I had a bad experience working with this service, I got the idea to write a review.

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My first sight on this service left a good impression on my mind. Later on, I began to notice not just outer gaps, but also internal turmoil. Sooner or later, they will coincide with each other. For example, the message button on the header is not fixed:

NinjaEssays Review message button

It is noticeable even for a non-professional eye.

I found a lot of sections on Ninjaessays, such as services, how it works, discounts, about us, prices, guarantees, blog, extras, etc.

NinjaEssays Review Overview

For this reason, I had the impression that Ninjaessays has a wide range of specialists. In my Ninjaessays review, I am showing that the opposite is true. And among the long descriptions, you will barely find useful information.

Info about the Company 4/10

I hadn’t spent much time looking for the service’s history or where they are from, but I can say that they don’t advertise it. If you are attentive from the beginning and not in a hurry as I was, you will experience a hitch of disbelief. On this basis, I was still asking myself: “Is Ninjaessays legit?”

Prices and Discounts 5/10

The prices and discount systems were not transparent. I filled the form on the pop-up window with the gift proposal. Review Prices and Discounts

I got a letter in my email about free add-ons:

NinjaEssays Review pop-up window

These are the same add-ons that appeared later on in my order form. I don’t know why they weren’t included in my order automatically. This is the price displayed for two pages of a movie review with a three-day delivery. I didn’t select any add-ons: Review add-ons

And this is the price after I selected every option: Review Price

As you may notice, the sign mentions that add-ons and promos are included in the price, but as a result, you can see how the cost changes. I don’t understand why I got it as a present in my email, and it doesn’t seem to work at all. This confusing fact is essential to include in my Ninjaessays review.

Services 8/10

I noticed the beneficial service of an online calculator on the home page. It also appears on the header of each page. The most significant disadvantage of this feature is a mismatch of the final price with the order form.

NinjaEssays Review Services

My movie review costs €45.38. Even if I get a 15% discount from the last price, it should cost €38.57, not the €42.48.

From the Our Services page, I also didn’t find out too much. Review Our Services page

Only while clicking on each service can you find another type of calculator: Review Calculator

Samples 4/10

I didn’t find any samples of the essays they write for students. This fact represents total indifference to the customer (students, in our case). The only reason I wanted to place an order on this website is a tight deadline. Only here did I find the section about a movie review: Samples

Now I know that everything that you are doing in a hurry brings only difficulties. This is true if you are going to order an essay from any particular writing service. My Ninjaessays review shows that the availability of the samples is essential for students to know how their work will look in the end.

Paper Quality 7/10

To prevent newbies from making a mistake, in my review, I decided to show this table in the order form:

NinjaEssays Paper Quality

As you can see, there are no significant differences between these three packages in terms of quality level. Honestly, I don’t understand why the service named this section “Quality Level.” I think the name should be called “Package Level” or something similar, because the quality has to stay the highest no matter which package you choose.

I chose the standard quality, and I am sure I got the same level as if I had selected platinum. Just be attentive: what is the difference between the plagiarism checker and the advanced plagiarism checker? The only feature of both is to show you the uniqueness level. And in the last section, you can get a writer with over five years of experience, though I don’t care about their experience in writing, because a person can write excellently and work no more than a month on this market.

Concerning my movie review, it was decent. I got a B- from my teacher, but I was satisfied with this result. Actually, I was lucky only because my teacher paid attention only to the formatting style, and he didn’t focus on the content.

Writers 3/10

I was not happy working with my writer at all. I wanted to choose a writer on my own — if only Ninjaessays had this option. The only warning that may really push students away from this service is that you can’t speak to the writer about your order details. I couldn’t pass up exposing this problem, which is the most crucial disadvantage in this review.

I couldn’t contact my writer, and the service let me provide information only through the order form. What should a student do if anything goes wrong, but they’ve already paid?

Confidentiality 4/10

Throughout the process of cooperation with this service, I kept wondering, “Is Ninjaessays legit?” From the one side, they are not posting the works you paid for as their samples, so that is a plus. And from the other side, I can’t see any proof of my confidentiality. What if the teacher finds out my movie review wasn’t written by me?

Nobody is protecting me on this website.

NinjaEssays Review Confidentiality

They are even saying this on the Guarantees page, and it doesn’t prevent your name from being written on their testimonials. I’d rather add only my email and get the order number than write all my information in the order form.

Final Point

For the last word in my review, I want to say that after the experience of working with a service I can’t trust, I prefer to write my future movie reviews on my own. Even if it is the most boring documentary, I will spend less time writing this paper for college than wasting my energy and money on people I can’t rely on.

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  1. I immediately understood that they are scammers. Have you seen the last date of the post on their blog? It was in November 2016. I can’t believe that somebody is still alive there.

  2. Where did you find this service? I’ve even never heard about it. Thanks for your wise review, now I know that I bypassed the trouble :))))

  3. Isn’t it a joke? I would ask the money back if they didn’t provide you to speak with your writer! You even can’t ask for correction. I am sure you are worth more than mark B-!

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