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My rating: 4 out of 10

The more academic writing companies there are, the more chances you have of getting yourself into a scam. The online writing industry offers users multitudes of versatile services, while only a handful of them can respond to the needs of clients. My experience with reflects the problem of fraud in this ever-evolving business. No matter how many reviews I checked out, or how thoroughly I studied the company’s website, I still ended up an  unsatisfied customer who had been trapped by its fancy image.

I hope that by getting this Papernow review off my chest, I will make a small contribution to fighting the vile monkey business that is consuming this once-transparent industry.

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Score: 4 out of 10

Through its flowery website content, the service positions itself as a multifunctional writing company that helps students across the world get through their studying challenges. Admittedly, features an impressive abundance of writing services it showcases on its home page. But it only proves to be the case where the quantity can’t compensate for the quality, which I’m going to mention further in this review.

Now, I think it’s time to view this company’s performance based on my debilitating experience.

Pricing at Does It Really Make Sense?

Now, for the Papernow prices review. The pricing culture the service has adopted seems very unreasonable to me. Seeing that pricing policy speaks for any company’s reputability and credibility, rather cut some points from itself with its unfavorable prices. While an average writing organization sticks to some generally established standards when setting their prices, will charge you twice as much as what’s normally accepted. For instance, a simple high school movie review completed in 7 days will cost you $40, while a Ph.D. essay written within a three-day time frame will cost you an arm and a leg — a whopping $90!

Are You Safe and Sound with This Company?

Are You Safe and Sound with This Company

Score: 3 out of 10

The way an online company approaches a client’s privacy and security is also the cornerstone of its value. At, the privacy policy adopted is somewhat uninviting and odd, posing a substantial threat to the customer’s confidentiality and identity. As the client proceeds through placing an order, the system will ask them to provide their personal details. Otherwise, they won’t be able to complete the order form.

I personally can see the reason behind such a risky policy — my private information was needed to provide the services to me as a customer. Indeed, my data was used to update me on my order progress, call me in case of some emergency, or send me a letter via land-based post. Nevertheless, delivering a high-quality order to the client doesn’t necessitate their sharing the personal data such as full name, phone number, home address, and the works.

How Good of a Product Will You Receive?

How Good of a Product Will You Receive

Score: 6 out of 10

We’ve arrived at the most defining element of any writing service — the quality. To begin with, I had very high hopes for the quality of my essay, given all the admiration and praise its reviews feature. But, to my pity, the qualitative characteristics of my order didn’t match the flowery statements of appraisal I found in those Papernow reviews.

The essay progressed in an unprofessional way. The author most evidently had spent too little time making research into the topic, presenting it poorly and in an inconcise manner. The writer resorted to making illogical statements that provided no support to the subject matter given, and failed to address the problems the essay was dealing with. It was obvious that they lacked the knowledge in my discipline and possessed scant understanding of how to develop a piece of academic writing.

Speaking of their English skills, I admit it was a pleasure to see that the writer had a really good command of my native language, which helped them to make the writing smooth and enjoyable. Alas, the writer’s academic acumen was largely compromised by their general language proficiency. But they somehow managed to relieve the academic oddities of my essay with their general perception of English.

Is the Support Team Supportive?

Score: 5 out of 10

The support center reflects the company’s loyalty and commitment to its customers. Based on my experience with’s support team, the service balances between slight neglect and dedication to its clients. A pretty strange combination, right? Turns out that at, these things are quite compatible.

The support reps demonstrated high attention to my problem, providing me with some sensible solutions to fix it. Upon submitting my call-for-help request, the support worker responded to me promptly and shed light on how the issue could be solved. But as our communication unraveled, I figured out that in my particular case, their assistance was just aimed at preventing me from taking the measures that might harm the company’s financial side.

That person was surreptitiously talking me out of asking for a refund. By using sweet formal language normally employed in this kind of a conversation, the support representative was simply trying to save their company’s budget.

My Verdict

I believe that the academic writing business should embrace only reputable, legit, up-to-date companies that can provide their customers with effective and unique solutions., the service I happened to deal with, doesn’t fit in this fundamental set of standards, leaving a lot to be desired. Therefore, this service is not something you would want to seek real help at.

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  1. I was satisfied with the prices, and pleased to work with the support team, but my paper was really bad(((((

  2. As this review mentioned, the support department is very tricky here. I took my money back, all in all

  3. The author of this review is telling the truth, the company can’t manage decent student assistance

  4. I’ll most likely pass it by next time. My paper was belated and I barely met my deadline!!

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