PayForEssay Review – Why the Service Became a Bad Option

Low-quality writing assistance is not just unprofessional. Customers suffer from it because they pay money for papers that are unable to receive good grades. Unfortunately, these shady writing services are often found in everyday life and affect us in the worst possible way. One of such services is PayForEssay. By reading this impartially truthful PayForEssay review, any person can change their opinion about the site.

Unpleasant Experience

I have used this service, and the result didn’t satisfy me. In this regard, I want to tell you about the most unpleasant things I found out about PayForEssay. I also gathered lots of comments, among them stories about the terrible work of the service. I could not resist and decided to share with you my thoughts about the service. I suggest you not to stand aside if you’ve used them before — share your opinion as well.


When I placed my order on PayForEssay, I thought that I would receive the completed paper on time, but in fact, I got it with quite a delay. I still think that this is the worst thing that may happen when you use a writing service, because students need to submit their papers on time. When I received a paper two days later than was requested, I decided that I would do everything to make all people aware about it and to write this review. On-time delivery is crucial for a writing site.


Perhaps their writers are pleasant people, but they are not professional writers. I learned when I received my paper that they don’t possess the necessary writing skills; at least, the writer who wrote my paper doesn’t. I received a paper with lots of mistakes, and the topic wasn’t well researched. I had spend an hour rewriting the paper to make it look good. Personally, I don’t think that their writers are good enough to write academic papers.

Calculator and Prices Review

Calculator and PayForEssay Prices Review

You can find a calculator on the site, but it’s actually an order form. As you can see, the standard price is $16.14, but it’s for an essay that should be written in 20 days! I am sure one would want to receive a paper much faster, but he or she will have to pay more for this. If you want to receive a paper in 24 hours, the price will immediately grow to $28.35 for a standard essay. I think it is a steep price, and you can easily find another service that offers writing help at more reasonable prices.


I discovered that the writers at PayForEssay don’t always deliver unique papers. I still can’t believe that they allow themselves to send papers with plagiarism. This led me to understand how the service had gained such a bad reputation among customers. If you are used to submitting unique papers, then you had better not place an order on this service.

Reviews and Testimonials

PayForEssay Review Reviews and Testimonials

Whenever I see only positive testimonials on a writing service, I understand that they are fake. When you start googling “pay for essay reviews,” you will see real customers’ opinions. Finally, you can see that most clients are not satisfied with the service’s work. Human memory is structured in such a way that we remember the bad things much easier that the good ones. That’s why I found lots of negative comments about PayForEssay. Share your story of using this site as well.

Unlimited Revisions

Free revisions should be provided to every user of a writing service. Some testimonials which I have found say that even after the customers requested revisions on PayForEssay, the quality of the papers didn’t change much. If you decide to use this service and you want to change something in the paper, there is a huge chance that the writer will not manage to improve the paper.

Customer Instructions

One of the main things for a writer is the ability to meet the customer’s requirements fully. I was upset by the fact that the writer didn’t follow all of my instructions while working on my paper. I consider this a big disadvantage, because I had to remind the writer about my initial requirements constantly. If you use this site, you need to check always whether the writer follows instructions or not.

Security and Confidentiality

Remember that using a writing service should be absolutely secure and confidential. However, not all writing sites can guarantee you these important things. Before you place an order on PayForEssay, note that this service can’t guarantee security and anonymity to you — you need to include some personal information in the order form, such as your phone number and e-mail. This may lead to getting spam or having your phone number passed to third parties.


PayForEssay is not popular among students because they don’t provide quality papers. Their writers complete papers which fall short of good academic writing. This unprofessional work becomes a real problem because customers are unable to receive the papers they expect. Thanks to my experience and other customers’ opinions, I know now that I need to avoid this writing site. I think that if PayForEssay wants to quickly gain popularity among students, they should improve their work greatly. They need to hire professional writers who know how to deal with academic papers. They should offer writing help at more reasonable prices. They should control their work better. Only in this way will they be able to attract customers to the site.

I rate PayForEssay 4.2 out of 10.

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