Pro Papers Review: Divulging the Facts

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

This Pro Papers review should begin with the self-evident truth. Being a customer of this company made me experience firsthand the piercing problem of trickery and deceit in the online writing industry. Before I gave my consent for this service to tackle my studying issues, I had heard enough about the rampant fraudulence in the writing niche. For this reason, I tried to be very prudent about choosing a writing company that would help me get through my academic troubles. And, when ordering my linguistics essay from Pro Papers, I anticipated receiving professional assistance and exceptional quality from the company based on the rave reviews of this service.

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Little did I know that Pro Papers was merely a widely and falsely promoted organization that doesn’t measure up to the common standards of professional  assistance in academic writing. Further in this Pro Papers review, I’ll delve deeper into the hidden image of this mediocre company based on my own experience with it.

What Is Pro Papers?

“Pro Papers is an essay paper writing service that is dedicated to providing papers of the highest quality within the given deadlines” — this is how conceitedly the company describes its performance. As a student running out of time and having a pretty favorable impression of this service thanks to the reviews, I was trapped by this flowery slogan. Alas, in reality, Pro Papers proves to be far less impressive and helpful than it boastfully positions itself on its website. Next, I’m going to provide the assessment of each of the major features that were supposed to form my positive impression of this company, according to the claims on the site.

Do They Deliver Pro Quality?

Pro-Papers Review Pro Quality

Score: 3 out of 10

I was extremely upset to realize that at Pro Papers, quality is treated as a matter of secondary importance and shown very little regard for. My essay demonstrated total negligence and a complete lack of professionalism. The writer showed a severe lack of academic competence and proper English skills. The person who tended to my paper failed to comply even with the basic requirements that I had provided so clearly, following their own weird method of developing the essay, which turned out to be rather bogus. From the way the topic was highlighted in my essay, I could tell that the writer’s academic background was poor, while their ability to express their opinion was clearly lacking.

As for their English proficiency, it hardly resembled that of a competent non-native speaker. The writing was clumsy and simplistic, displaying incorrect sentence constructions and misused words. As far as my essay suggested, my order was completed by a person who shared very little academic knowledge of  my language.

Is the Pricing Fair?

Pro-Papers Review Pricing Fair

Score: 2 out of 10

The prices of this pretentious writing organization weren’t satisfactory, either. The service adopts a bizarre system for setting prices, thereby showing its disloyalty to customers. The prices at Pro Papers are out of balance with the third-rate quality it delivers, let alone the standards implemented by the writing industry. To my mind, a company should consider the common pricing standards most of its competitors adhere to instead of ending up with those it creates for its own benefit.

How Helpful Was the Support Department?

Score: 8 out of 10

Finally, here it is – the support team is the only beneficial feature of Pro Papers. Given the inadequate performance I touched upon a few lines ago, I was quite surprised by the professional and committed assistance I received from the support workers. Right after I found that my paper had nothing in common with a properly developed piece of academic writing, I contacted the support team to request a free revision, as I was fully eligible for it. It took the reps just a few minutes to respond to my letter and demonstrate their high regard for me as a customer. Without hesitation, they agreed to provide me with a new, more knowledgeable writer to revise my essay.

Final Thoughts

I was desperately looking forward to receiving competent writing assistance from Pro Papers. Unfortunately, the ambitious claims and statements weren’t fulfilled throughout my experience. This company doesn’t fit the image of a respectable writing organization. And what I’d like to end this Pro Papers review with is that it’s hard to express how disappointed I am with my experience with this service.

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  1. No, definitely not this monkey business. They messed up my impression of the writing business.

  2. I bough my research paper form this service. I was appalled at the way they treat their clients, to say the least of it. High prices, terrible assistance, and many more aspects that made me go nuts as my order was being completed. Don’t trust these fake pros.

  3. Well, what I have to say is that I agree with this Pro Papers review. A total scam

  4. I simply got ripped off by these cocky mobsters of writing industry. I can relate to the experience of the author of this Pro Papers review.

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