Review of the Best Services for Getting Homework Help

In this article, you can get acquainted with excellent services that offer homework help. These online platforms will assist students who have trouble with their assignments. With their help, you can receive an economics essay, mechanical engineering essay, get coding homework help, and many more.


assignmentshark customer reviews

AssignmentShark is one of the best options to leave the “do my homework” request. It brings together many specialists from various fields. You will receive bids of experts in a few minutes after placing your order. When filling out the order form, you should indicate detailed information and your requirements for the order. You also need to set a deadline for the expert to follow.

After filling in all information, the order is sent to a page on which all registered experts will see it. You choose the contractor yourself based on the rating, reviews, and statistics of completed orders. The site provides a list of popular experts for each subject, where you can see their ratings and awards. Here, you have an amazing opportunity to ask “do my homework” from any expert you want.

Any issue will be solved

The service protects the customer and his or her funds from possible force majeure. If the expert refuses to fulfill the order, AssignmentShark will return the funds to the account. Moreover, if some other problems occur, you can always get in touch with their support team. You can create a new query to contact them in your personal account.

Also, the service provides customers with assistance in all possible disciplines. For example, you can get matlab homework help, chemistry homework help, order an economics essay, and much more.

Why you should choose the service:

  • An easy and convenient order form that allows you to place an order quickly and without much effort.
  • A large number of experts with academic degrees.
  • A rich selection of disciplines.
  • A support team, which can be contacted 24/7.
  • You can attach your own materials in the order form, and the order will be completed with their usage.
  • The ability to choose the price you want by selecting an expert’s bid.
  • A great tool for organizing communication between a customer and an expert – the chat.
  • The ability to get help with any type of assignment.
  • Well-suited for those who don’t want to spend a lot getting college homework help – their prices are average.

Order with AssignmentShark

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.




getcodinghelp customer reviews

GetCodingHelp is the absolute leader among services where you can ask, “do my programming homework.” This is so thanks to its great features, ease of use, convenience, and flexibility in terms of prices. It is suitable for getting help with all types of assignments that can come to mind. It is a great alternative to any other similar services. It allows you to deal with homework faster, even if you don’t know anything about coding.


Getting college homework help on GetCodingHelp is easy. First, you fill out the order form. At the first step, indicate the type of assignment, number of pages, and the deadline. In the second step, you describe in detail everything the expert needs to know to successfully complete the work and place an order.

The site sends the assignment to experts who will offer you their services with an indication of the price. You choose the expert based on the feedback and the proposed bid. You can contact the selected expert at a convenient time, ask questions, and consult about the order. I think this is the most correct way to provide coding homework help.


The site follows the “safe deal” method – if the expert fails to cope with the task, the service will return your money. However, according to customers’ feedback, such situations are rare. If the expert undertakes your order, he or she knows how to do it and will complete the order as necessary.

GetCodingHelp selects the performers, and before paying, you can see a detailed summary of each of the experts. They have a “Top experts” page where you can get acquainted with the best experts. And before assigning your chosen expert, you can ask, “can you do my programming homework?” This will help you be sure that the expert is ready to deal with your order.

Why you should choose the service:

  • Easy and convenient ordering.
  • A large variety of experts in programming.
  • Ease of communication with an expert via the chat option.
  • Affordable prices without compromising the quality of the result – the assignment will look great.
  • Help with any field of programming – you can get Java assignment help, C++ help, Python assistance, and so on.
  • A responsive support team that works round the clock.
  • The ability to select an expert you want.
  • Payment for finished parts of the assignment.

Order with GetCodingHelp

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.




mycodinghomework review

MyCodingHomework allows you to quickly get coding homework help. Also, the service helps to solve assignment problems in other disciplines. Let’s consider the features of MyCodingHomework in more detail.

Ease of ordering

Every day, lots of new orders are placed on the site, to which different experts in many areas of knowledge are ready to respond. A large number of performers allows the manager to find a suitable expert for your order fast. At the same time, the minimum time for completing the work is four hours. This speed is fair for small tasks. Of course, it will take much longer to deal with lengthy and complicated assignments.

You can ask “do my programming homework” by placing an order on the site. It will be enough just to indicate the type of the task, discipline, and choose a few more requirements. Here, you need to indicate the deadline, fill out the description, and attach additional materials, if any. A good option is choosing the academic level of the expert who will work on your order. With more specific requirements, more suitable experts will be found for you. Next, you need to include some personal information, such as an e-mail and phone number, if you don’t have the account on the site yet.

Work performance guarantees and secure cooperation

All communication between the customer and the contractor takes place in the internal chat of the service. This allows MyCodingHomework to guarantee the security of the cooperation. The service ensures not only the safety of your funds but also allows you to get a unique written assignment. When getting programming assignment help here, the task will be correct. Also, communication with the expert will allow for edits before the full payment of the order. The expert will be obliged to correct the assignment if something does not suit you.

Why you should choose the service:

  • A personalized approach – all your requirements will be taken into account.
  • You can get programming help online and assistance with other disciplines as well.
  • Free revisions – you can always ask the expert to edit the assignment if it doesn’t fully satisfy you.
  • A money-back guarantee – the service will give you a refund if something goes wrong with the order.
  • You can track the working progress in your account.
  • MyCodingHomework guarantees security of cooperation with experts and round-the-clock support.


Order with MyCodingHomework

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.





answershark homework help

AnswerShark is a service where you can get online assignment help. It is best suited for those who need technical homework assistance. The interface is good – moderately convenient, logical, and easy for those who use the service for the first time. Everything is well organized on the website.


On AnswerShark, you can order all types of assignments. This can be astronomy homework, mechanical engineering essay, physics homework, or anything else. This is handy when you have multiple tasks to complete for different subjects, as they can help with everyone. Note that for each assignment, you must place a separate order.


Placing an order is pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t have a problem with it. After choosing the type of assignment, you should include other requirements in the presented fields. You choose the contractor yourself among those who responded to your order. Choose an expert based on his or her rating, the number of completed orders, and the bid offered.


All experts on the service are graduate students with degrees in different fields. The profile of each top performer is provided with detailed information indicating rating, reviews, achievements, and statistics of completed tasks. Thus, you can find the best expert to get assignment help.

The service offers a chat option for users to communicate with their expert. You can get free answers to your questions or share your suggestions about the order implementation. You can contact your expert by using your account. I am sure this is the necessary option for all services that provide customers with online assignment help.


The support team is sensible, and the FAQ section is very detailed, which will help newbies. By the way, I think that having a good support team is essential for all services that offer assignment help online. Here you can contact them quickly, through a special form in your account.

Why you should choose the service:

  • The site functionality is excellent; the order form is easy to use.
  • Wide range of experts.
  • Ability to attach your materials and have the expert use them in his or her work.
  • Ability to select any expert you want.
  • Lots of disciplines you can get assistance with. You can get matlab homework help, chemistry homework help, astronomy homework help, and more.
  • High level of security and confidentiality.
  • Good quality and high-speed support.

Order with AnswerShark

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.





stemhave reviews

StemHave is a service that offers assignment help online. The company socializes in doing different types of tasks. You can get math homework help, accounting homework help, physics homework help, and more. On the site, you can find additional services, including, for example, help with lab reports, business plans, presentations, and a question-answer service.


StemHave guarantees a high level of completed orders. If you order a written assignment, it will be checked for mistakes, plagiarism, and compliance with the requirements. The service says that you will receive a complete solution to the task. In the case of ordering a scientific paper, experts are ready to write it according to your instructions, promptly make all the necessary corrections if needed, and communicate with you directly via chat.


On the site, you can find a table where you can check how much your assignment will cost, taking into account the deadline and academic level. The prices are presented for one page of the assignment. For example, for the assignment at a high-school level done in 48 hours, you will pay nearly $23. As you can see, you can buy an assignment at a rather affordable cost.


The work of the experts is very good and includes many benefits for the client. For example, when you are ordering a written assignment, your topic will be properly researched, you will be provided with references, and the paper will be correctly formatted. The experts do a colossal job, so if you buy an assignment here, it would be quite a good decision.
Money-back guarantee

For this option, I decided to highlight a separate paragraph, since not all services can boast a money-back guarantee. Such a guarantee allows customers to show more confidence in the service since if some unpleasant situation occurs, you can always get your money back. Therefore, a special thanks to the site for this option.

Why you should choose the service:

  • One of the best options for ordering assignments in STEM disciplines.
  • Good quality of completed tasks.
  • Fixed prices, with the ability to check them before ordering on the corresponding page.
  • Convenient interface of the site.
  • Sufficient number of experts.
  • Good feedback from customers.
  • Provides the ability to choose help from standard, advanced, or top experts.
  • Ability to communicate with an expert.
  • 24/7 support.

Order with Stemhave

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.




assignments.thepensters reviews

AssignmentsThePensters is the perfect service to ask, “do my assignment.” Over the years, the service has completed lots of assignments of different kinds. It offers cooperation between experts and customers. Today, it provides students with math homework help, accounting homework help, algebra homework help, and so on. This is a legal company that is responsible for the quality of the services provided.


The company is one of best among those that offer help with practical assignments. The site offers assistance with more than 10 disciplines. Let’s say you need algebra homework help. Once you place an order with all the instructions, you will be able to find an expert who is well versed in algebra. The situation is the same with other disciplines.

Money-back guarantee

AssignmentsThePensters adheres to the return policy. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided, then you can return the money spent. To request a refund from the current balance, you should click “Request a refund of your balance” on the personal page (the “Balance” tab). If a money-back guarantee is important to you, then you should ask this service, “do my assignment.”

Communication with an expert

The service provides the opportunity to communicate with an expert. Each client receives a guarantee of being able to use the chat. When interacting with their expert, you can ask questions or check the progress of your order. I think it is a great option because it helps the customer to be satisfied with the result.


The prices depend on the complexity of your assignment, the deadline, and the academic level of the expert, which you can choose in the order form. In addition, when you order, you can see the bids from the experts and choose the one that suits you best. In any case, as practice shows, the prices are quite optimal for the services provided by the website. I also consider it an advantage of this service that you pay only after the work or part of it has been completed.

Why you should choose the service:

  • Good and flexible prices.
  • Lots of experts to choose from.
  • The ability to chat with an expert.
  • Ordering process is easy and convenient.
  • Many disciplines to get help with.
  • Full confidentiality.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Help with assignments of any difficulty level.
  • Fast help.

Order with Assignments.ThePensters

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.




AssignmentCore review

AssignmentCore provides programming assignment help. But this service can also help you with other disciplines. For example, you can order here assignments in architecture, astronomy, physics, and many more. Therefore, if you need to do several tasks at once on different subjects, you can safely turn to them for help.


All performers have been thoroughly tested. The experts have proven that they possess degrees. Then they successfully demonstrated their knowledge while passing special tests. Therefore, if you ask yourself, “who can do my Java homework?” this is the perfect solution. And according to customers, their experts give themselves completely to helping students.

– Process of getting help

The service generates the price according to the auction principle: the experts offer their bids, and you choose the option that suits you. After agreeing on the details with the contractor, you control the execution of the task, and after its completion, you can demand that the necessary changes be made. I think that communication with an expert is the best way to get programming assignment help. If you end up not liking something, you can always contact the contractor and solve the problem.

– Customers’ feedback

On the Latest orders page, you can see what customers think about the service. The reviews are positive and look reasonably believable. There is an order number, an assignment topic, and ratings (even 7 out of 10). I think that if the service wanted to cheat in terms of customers’ feedback, they would post only 10 stars for all experts. In general, customers who asked “do my Java homework” remained satisfied.

– Money-back guarantee

I believe that such an option should be on every site that offers student assistance, and this service is no exception. Of course, you have to check how well the assignment is done before paying for it – it is your responsibility. Therefore, before making the final payment for the order and confirming that it has been completed, read carefully what the expert sent you.

Why you should choose the service:

  • Simple and convenient order form suitable for beginners.
  • Good quality of completed assignments.
  • The ability to communicate with an expert.
  • Help with all fields of programming: you can get C++, Python, Java assignment help, and so on.
  • A large number of additional disciplines available for getting help.
  • Average prices in comparison with other services.

Order with AssignmentCore

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.




AssignCode review

AssignCode offers programming help online with assignments of any type. It is a service with reasonable prices for those who want to get assignment help without having to delve into anything. You can order many types of tasks from them. The level of access and competence allows them to fulfill the specific requirements of their clients. You can get help here with a wide range of disciplines, like programming, biology, mathematics, etc.


You specify in detail all the necessary information and requirements for the assignment, publish the application, and select the expert among those who responded. You independently set the deadline – the period of time in which the expert should complete assignments, and you can request revisions for the order after it is completed. The service guarantees a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of work.

The site is designed to be used by people with no experience on similar websites. Therefore, the interface and order form were made to be intuitive for beginners. The site was designed not at the expense of functionality but for convenience and quick learning.


Make an online order of the assignment in advance to save money because the deadline influences the final cost, as well as the academic level and type of the assignment you choose. You know the cost of work in advance and pay for the result. Besides, their prices are average, and you will not overpay.


The Internet service AssignCode conducts a strict selection of specialists and hires only those who have higher specialized education. The site has the “safe deal” function; that is, the expert will not receive money for the delivery of the work until it is accepted by the customer.

Why you should choose the service:

  • Highly qualified specialists.
  • Ability to choose an expert to complete assignments.
  • The presence of a convenient personal account.
  • The ability to monitor the progress of the assignment, control the process, and track the result through a system of improvements to the final version and acceptance of work.
  • The service has a large staff of specialists in various fields – you can get programming help online and assistance with other disciplines.
  • A solid set of services provided.
  • Moderate cost.
  • Lots of real reviews of the service’s work.

Order with AssignCode

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.



The rating includes popular and, to varying degrees, high-quality services. When choosing, we advise you to rely on this list, and you won’t go wrong. If you need a quality assignment, then choose one of these services to perfectly cope with the task.

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