My RushEssay Review: Why You’d Better Shun It

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

Great expectations and high hopes – this is the anticipation I had about RushEssay, a seemingly impeccable writing service. The bitter experience I had with RushEssay stems from the critically high level of scams in the academic writing business. Therefore, I’m aiming this RushEssay review at fighting malpractices in this niche and warning imprudent users from entrusting their studying pains to some shady writing service.

What Is RushEssay About?

As an academic writing company, RushEssay claims to have studied the market thoroughly and thus knows the key requirements and standards of developing a high-quality academic writing product. Alas, in reality it turns out to be less promising and pleasing than advertised on the website. Based on my own experience with RushEssay, I can state that the service doesn’t stand as a reputable organization able to fix students’ academic duties.

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Further in this review, I’ll provide more in-depth information as to what makes the company a mediocre writing organization you wouldn’t want to deal with.

Quality: Smells Like Failure

Score: 2 out of 10

On its website, the service assures users to be familiar with the current academic standards and tendencies. This is why, according to RushEssay, it “provides high quality with their academic projects.” Again, from my unpleasant experience, I can tell that the company’s experts have conducted insufficient research into the academic sector – my research paper in chemistry conflicted with the professional standards of a piece of academic writing. The paper featured the writer’s severe lack of expertise and knowledge of the discipline.

Not only did the writer fail to demonstrate a solid background in chemical studies, they also didn’t comply with requirements for structuring a paper, instead adopting a rather strange and cumbersome outline. Other RushEssay reviews, by the way, inform the reader of the same unwelcoming issue. All in all, I was strongly dissatisfied with the quality I received from RushEssay.

Boosting the Support Team

When one important aspect of a company’s performance suffers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the others suffer, too. But at RushEssay, it does mean that. The “help” that the service’s support team provided was no better than the research paper I received in terms of quality. When I addressed the support reps for the first time, I was kept waiting for several hours util I received my response. It was developed very lazily and negligently, so I was forced to text these people once again, asking for a more elaborate and thorough explanation of my problem.

But the second time wasn’t more hopeful, either. I’m not quite sure if it was the same indolent worker who responded to my two requests, or RushEssay’s support staff features more than one such bone idle employees. In the end, I expressed my bewilderment with the staff’s performance by developing another angry letter, now containing the suggestions as to how a customer support representative should be working. I have no idea whether or not this e-mail was of any use to the support reps, but at least I didn’t keep it to myself, letting these workers know what customer satisfaction level their work generates.

Pricing Policy

Score: 6 out of 10

In most cases, the pricing policy of a company mirrors its legitimacy and reputability. The prices at RushEssay are quite acceptable and customer-favorable. The pricing culture here is underlied by the low budgets of the company’s target audience – students. To be honest, I thought my custom paper would cost me an arm and a leg before perusing the service’s price list.
But this extremely pleasing news may just resonate the quality the service provides, matching its low level. And no matter how strongly I may appreciate these truly liberal and advantageous RushEsssay prices, I would gladly have paid more for my order provided the quality was good. As for me, I’d rather the company had featured a more favorable quality policy than keep luring the users with its low-cost products.

Privacy Policy: Staying Unsafe?

Score: 3 out of 10

Saddening as it may be to admit, the privacy protection at RushEssay is barely adequate and totally incomplete. With this service, your personal data is subject to possible wrongdoings that the virtual world is fueled with. Ignoring the common and more acceptable methods of carrying out the ordering process, this company has designed a system which asks clients for their private information such as full name, home address, and phone number.
Providing any online service with this kind of information is insecure and fraught with possible leaks. RushEssay should rush to rectify its privacy policy before it faces some serious repercussions from putting the clients’ information in harm’s way.

My Verdict

So far, I have rarely betrayed my principles of following justice and fairness. For this reason, I can’t have high regard for a service that features so many dramatic shortcomings. And just for what it’s worth, I didn’t intend this review to discredit the company by highlighting the RushEssay scam ideology. The evaluation of this service I provided is just an objective and well-considered review penned by an unsatisfied customer who splurged a good sum of money on this ill-conceived organization.
Is RuthEssay a scam? I wouldn’t say it’s completely true. The service leaves a lot to be desired and is a second-grade company, but I don’t think it was originally created as a scam. All said and done, I’ll tell you what: RushEssay is not the company that can address your academic needs and provide you with notable writing services.

5 Responses

  1. I don’t wanna expound on the unprofessionalism of the writers at this service. Just stay away from it((((

  2. the company has a pretty good website but it doesn’t compensate for its bad quality. This RushEssay review is soooo true.

  3. Ordered a custom essay from them. I nearly mised the deadlin because of the delay with the delivery and was very upset with the quality I received. The pricing here is very appealing and the support team is helpful but I won’t order from them again.

  4. in many RushEssay reviews I didn’t see all these facts revealed. I once was the customer of rushessay and now i’m using another service.

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