SameDayEssay Review: Is This Service Worth Your Money?

My Rating 3/10

SameDayEssay is a writing service that provides customers with academic papers in various disciplines. I’m not sure about the right way to write its name, so I’ll use both options — SameDayEssay and Same Day Essay.

Before ordering your homework online, you should make sure that the service is professional and reliable. I don’t recommend ordering from self-employed writers, as it’s not safe. Time-tested writing services provide you with a range of guarantees so your data and money will be safe.

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In my Same Day Essay review, I will check the service according to the following checklist:

  • site and interface
  • writers
  • prices
  • online reputation
  • customers’ feedback
  • quality of samples

I hope that this information will be useful to you. You can take a quick look at the sections that you’re more interested in.

Site and Interface 2/10

SameDayEssay’s website looks nice. They’ve used official-looking colors, but have also added some animation to make it funnier. I would say that there are too many things that pop out, which is annoying.

On the main page, you can see a lot of information: price calculator, benefits, order process, testimonials, samples, services, etc.

The FAQ section looks like this: Review

There are no questions and no answers. I don’t really know what the purpose of this page is. Maybe it’s a bug. Maybe they’ve put all the information on the main page, and there is nothing left for the FAQ section.

I hoped to find more information about SameDayEssay’s writers in the Essay Writer section, but I was wrong. This page includes more information about the service and benefits and not a word about the employees. I was disappointed because I always need information about the people I hire.

The SameDayEssay blog looks awful and really unprofessional. Review Blog

And one more unpleasant surprise: if you click any link, you’ll see nothing, just a blank page. I’ve checked at least 10 of these links, and they’re all empty.

I don’t know why they’ve created this blog if it’s useless. As for me, that’s an indicator of extreme negligence and incompetence.

Writers 1/10

I would be glad to share information about the writers in my SameDayEssay review with you. But I’ve found only this tiny piece of vague text about them: Review Writers

There is no section about their writers, so you can’t learn anything about the qualifications, education, or ratings of particular specialists. You also can’t choose a writer by yourself, and you don’t have a chance to communicate before being assigned.

In such a manner, you have to entrust your paper to a complete stranger with poor command of English and mediocre writing skills.

Prices 5/10

SameDayEssay is a service with rather high prices. For example, you’ll have to pay $55 for a three-page essay at a college level with the deadline of seven days. As a first-timer, you’ll get a 15% discount.

This service also has a bonus system: Review Prices

I don’t think that these bonuses make a big difference, especially if you don’t place orders regularly. However, it’s a good way to balance the high prices.

Online Reputation 5/10

Surprisingly, Same Day Essay has a great online reputation. Despite all the cons mentioned above, review sites give this service 4 or even 5 stars. There are some negative comments on a few sites: Review Online Reputation

I don’t know where other testimonials of a positive nature have come from. This service looks completely useless and obsolete. Maybe it was great once, but now, no one manages it. Maybe all the positive Same Day Essay reviews are fake. I don’t know the answer, but I definitely can’t spot any logic here.

Customers’ Feedback 3/10

Usually, I don’t trust the reviews that are posted on the main page of a site. They’re moderated by the administrator, and you won’t find negative ones there. But in this desperate situation, I’ve decided to take a risk for my SameDayEssay review.

Of course, all the testimonials were positive. And all of them have “likes”: Review Customers’ Feedback

I don’t understand whether they’re likes for the service or for the comment, but, anyway, it makes no sense to me.

Quality of Samples 1/10

If you don’t want to waste your money for a new writing service but want to learn more about the quality of the samples, you can check the service’s blog. In case there is no blog, you can try to find a few samples on the site.

I’ve checked random examples on the Same Day Essay site. Although the writer had made some punctuation mistakes, the quality was okay. I’m not sure that the writing style was appropriate for master’s level, but it wasn’t terrible.

Another way to learn more about the quality is to find testimonials online: Review Quality of Samples

As you can see, there are many complaints about the quality of the provided samples. Obviously, I had no intention or desire to waste my money and time on a test order.

SameDayEssay Review: Recommendations

In spite of a good online reputation, I can’t recommend using the Same Day Essay service. This company doesn’t take care of its website or its customers. A lack of information about writers and an empty blog are 100% red flags that you shouldn’t ignore. Along with online testimonials on the quality of service, all these features point to incompetence.

The pricing policy of the service can be beneficial only for returning customers who place expensive orders. But I can’t imagine a person who would order from this service twice.

5 Responses

  1. This samedayessay review is surprisingly soft. I would write something more outrageous if I had time.

  2. Why use this service if there are plenty of others with normal prices, informative blogs, and polite support managers?

  3. I applied to a support manager because my writer was late, and I wanted compensation. They accused me of THEIR mistake and didn’t return my money. Scammers!

  4. I’ve seen too many negative samedayessay reviews. It’s definitely not worth my money and time!

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