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Speedy Paper Reviews: How Speedy Is Finding the Right Service?

As far as my experience in dealing with writing services suggests, the more services the Web offers you, the greater the chance of getting swindled. Today’s online platforms are teeming with academic writing services for you to choose the one to your liking. But again, referring to my personal experience, I’d like to emphasize that it’s not about their quantity, but the quality you get. And there rises the question: how can I tell if the service provides the quality I need or not? Well, thanks to some in-depth service analyses, like Speedy Paper reviews, you are able to make a reasonable decision as to using the services of a certain company based on other customers’ assessments.

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In this comprehensive review, I will be shedding some light on the popular service Speedy Paper, including the quality it provides, whether it adheres to its guarantees or not, how it takes care of its customers, and why I recommend to steer clear of it. So, let’s begin.

Speedy Paper Overview

Speedy Paper is a writing service which launched in 2015 and delivers a wide range of academic assistance to students. The service claims to offer professional help as well as high-quality products to its customers. But as it turns out, the company fails to fulfill its guarantees and promises it makes on its website. I was dissatisfied with Speedy Paper and thus can call my experience a rather disappointing one. Further in this Speedy Paper review, I’d like to delve deeper into the service’s key features, assessing them based on my own bitter experience.

The Benefits They Advertise

  • Quality

The crucial aspect of any academic service’s reputability is the quality of the products it provides. The quality I received with Speedy Paper was pretty mediocre, if not lower. The writer didn’t succeed in doing the proper research and thus made the paper inconsistent and illogical. As for the writing, it fails to shed the influence of the writer’s native language, which was a dead giveaway of their poor English skills. Aside from this, the writer demonstrated incorrect usage of stylistic devices throughout the entire research paper.

  • Prices

The pricing policy of Speedy Paper is something that definitely needs to be revised, too. The prices are way too high here, starting from $11. To be honest, I would be be quite OK with the prices of this service if the quality of my order matched it. But, considering all the downsides of my research paper, I can’t call the prices reasonable.

  • Support team

The service guarantees around-the-clock availability of the customer support team. In this SpeedyPaper review, I want to let you know that this claim was debunked for me after I spent several hours in a row trying to contact the support center. In the end, I did track down the support representative, and she seemed to be quite surprised at the fact I struggled to reach them. And then it was my turn to be surprised, but now pleasantly — the support worker demonstrated high interest in my problem and, more importantly, managed to help me out with her aptness and commitment to customer service.

  • Privacy 

This is a considerable advantage of this service, which, according to other SpeedyPaper reviews, is one of the few perks of this company. They care about the privacy of their clients, requiring customers to provide only the minimum information about themselves. The system only asks you to create your personal account, sharing your e-mail address only. Such a customer-friendly policy sounds like a challenge to the services that neglect the customer’s privacy and ask for their personal data.

Money-Back Guarantee

Speedy Paper does feature a refund policy, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems. The money-back mechanism is rather shady at this service. If you claim a refund at Speedy Paper, you may be declined in having 100% reimbursement. The amount of the refund you get depends on several factors. Now, let’s view the factors which qualify or don’t qualify for a 100% refund.

So, you can claim a 100% refund if: 

  1. The service can’t provide you with an appropriate writer.
  2. Your deadline has passed.
  3. There was a payment mistake.

You can claim a 90% refund if:

  1. Your writer hasn’t been assigned yet, while half the deadline has passed.

You can get a 70% refund if: 

  1. Half the deadline has passed and the writer has just started working on your paper.

Lastly, you can have a 50% refund if:

  1. The writer has been assigned and over half of the deadline has passed.
  2.  The service can’t provide you with the writer to revise your paper .

As you can see, the refund policy of Speedy Paper is quite tricky and unfavorable, neglecting any mention of the quality of their papers. This is the main reason why I didn’t want to enter into a dispute with them and put up with the lousy product they delivered to me.


Considering everything mentioned in my Speedypaper.com review , I will never recommend the service to students who are looking for a trustworthy academic writing company. I have been through a pretty displeasing experience with this service, so despite the few positive points I noticed, I encourage you to keep looking for a truly reliable writing company.

I rate this service 6/10.

5 Responses

  1. A lot of speedy paper reviews dont tell the truth – the service is wack(((((

  2. Speedypaper is a bad exemple of trusty service. I placed an order and asked them to write my paper for me. They charged me with so much money and didn’t write it the way I required. This speedy paper review is written by a real clieent.

  3. the prices are pretty affordable, and their privacy policy is good. But it doesn’t make up for its downsides.

  4. I wasn’t satisfied with the order, the quality sucked despite the perfect timing.

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