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My rating: 5 out of 10

Finding a legit academic writing service is a tough task these days. With so many websites offering you “high-quality services” and “outstanding professionalism,” it gets pretty confusing and distressing to recognize a truly worthy company that can meet your academic needs. In some Studybay reviews, I happened to see heaps of dubious and suspicious references as to the service’s reputability.

And, as it usually happens, I experienced firsthand that many of them, if not all, were just promoting the service and written by its devoted employees. As an unsatisfied customer who paid a tidy sum to this seemingly perfect service, I want to debunk the misleading belief that Studybay is the right writing company to choose. So, brace yourself and read on!

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Studybay is a writing service with a history dating back about three years. It claims to provide its clients with highest-quality academic writing services and professional academic assistance. And it’s only when you receive your longed-for product that you can compare the company’s claims and promises to what it actually gives you. Further in this Studybay review, I will plunge deeper into why I urge you to avoid dealing with this service.

Benefits: Pros and Cons


I received my research paper in computer engineering right on time. But, this was probably the only positive aspect about it. The paper had an alarming amount of plagiarism and was written in rather poor English, which is mentioned in other Studybay writer reviews as well. Now, I’d like to drop several lines explaining the plagiarism issues I faced in more detail.

As soon as I discovered that my paper, which had to be 90% unique, contained 45% plagiarism, I right away contacted the support team. I managed to reach them in no time and was content with the assistant’s aptness in reacting so quickly and sympathetically to my problem. She passed my angry message to the writer, for whom it eventually took a few hours to respond to me.

After I expressed my strong dissatisfaction with the plagiarism, he denied my allegations, insisting that the content was almost 100% unique. What I did next was threaten to write a review of his lousy work and then, bingo — he agreed to rectify the paper. At long last, I got my 80% unique research paper and had to improve the quality by myself.

Pricing policy: bidding

As its pricing mechanism, the service uses the bidding system. It works in the following way: you post your order with all the requirements and the necessary files attached, wait for writers to offers their bids, and select the writer to your liking. The system is very beneficial by its nature: a customer is allowed to choose the writer according to their preferences and financial abilities, instead of relying on the company’s own biased choice. In other reviews for Studybay, you’ll see as much admiration for this policy as I placed in this review.

Customer support

As I highlighted earlier, I had a downright pleasant experience getting help from Studybay’s customer support team. Based on my communication with that support worker, I can tell that the support reps are quite knowledgeable in what  current issues the customers are having. Also, I can evaluate the support employees as people possessing strong problem-solving skills. However, in one of the reviews on Studybay by other customers, I noticed a sharp contrast to my impression of the support team.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy this service adopts is rather favorable and safe. The system doesn’t ask you for any personal data. You are just expected to create an account, where you have to provide your e-mail address. I found such a mechanism as a big advantage of this service, especially when contrasting it with other policies that are slightly ill-conceived in terms of customer privacy protection.


Studybay’s website looks unnecessarily sophisticated — the landing page comprises a confusing array of sections that are placed in a random order. Here you’ll find a small list of their best writers followed by a section with clients’ positive reviews; then you’ll notice several exaggerated statements as to why you should order a paper from them. The footer of the landing page features blocks with the main information on the service, which is also hard to get around. And for some reason, the footer contains the list of their services, which should normally go in the header of the page.

As for the “artistic” element of the design, it’s pretty inviting and cozy. The upper part of the landing page features a warm blurred background picture, while below it, the page displays photos of exultant people of contrasting ages, most likely referring to the company’s ability to bring satisfaction to its clients. Well, too bad that I couldn’t share the joy with those smiling women in the pictures.


Drawing the line, it’s important to emphasize that Studybay does have some perks for customers, but they don’t make up for the substantial downsides to its reputability I mentioned in my review of Studybay. Therefore, I will refrain from recommending Studybay for now, wishing the service good luck in improving the quality of their products as well as overcoming the other issues it currently has.

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  1. Well I wouldnnt say I can advise you to use it, other studybay reviews position it better than it actually is.

  2. I had a bad experience using this service. First, it was the time they took to assign the writer. Then, he bombardem me with loads of silly questions. The quality was so and the prices are way too high((((((This studybay review tells the truth, guys

  3. Ordered essay from them. I was pretty much dissatisfied with the quality they deliver

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