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My rating: 5 out of 10

Going through the piles of academic writing services makes it nearly impossible to tell a legit service from a regular scam. Dubious companies largely capitalize on credulous customers, trapping them in the vicious circle of trickery. Like other customers who couldn’t tolerate the deception and dishonesty, I decided to pen this Superbpaper review in order to raise awareness of the problem of shady practices in the online writing marketplace.

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Superbpaper Overview

Superbpaper is an academic writing service claiming to be a one-of-a-kind company that delivers professional assistance to students. The service covers a complete range of academic solutions, from a small composition to an extensive PhD thesis. But the question is of what quality it provides, along with the variety of its products, as this is the foremost part of every service delivered. Further in this review, I’ll shed light on this and other features of Superbpaper and substantiate why it’s better to consider another company.

Customer Support

I’d like to begin the evaluation of Superbpaper with this feature. The support mechanism proved to be rather weak and unprofessional. Following my request to deal with some order issues, the support worker had difficulty getting around the problem while being somewhat ill-mannered toward me. Although I’m able to relate to the stress-connected and frantic routine support workers face, putting up with these evident flaws wouldn’t be reasonable of me.


The pricing policy this service features is genuinely unfair and driven by looking-glass logic. The price per page is definitely lofty and even infuriating, based on what quality you receive in return! The staff does need to revise it’s pricing philosophy, which now suggests more of a money-grubbing atmosphere than of a loyal commercial culture.


Here’s when we approach the key feature that defines the reputability and worth of every academic service. At Superbpaper, it didn’t turn out to be that superb. While my argumentative essay was devoid of plagiarism, it contained alarming signs of the writer’s unprofessional approach to the work.

To begin with, the writer’s capability to address the subject matter was at complete odds with the common standards of academic writing. They didn’t manage to provide an expert analysis of the problem, adopting instead a generic and non-scholarly method of formulating an essay. As a result, the content was laden with ambiguous terms and biased inferences and looked inconcise.

Another striking vice of my essay was the writing itself. The writer lacked a  proper grasp of English, using unnatural sentence constructions and inappropriate wording. Hence, it was easy to tell that the text was developed by a non-native speaker. In their writing, the writer fell far behind what’s considered an acceptable command of English.

Privacy Policy

Unfortunately, this is one of the many flies in the ointment here. The so-called privacy policy Superbpaper offers is unsound and unfavorable. When filling in the order form, you are required to provide your personal information, such as full name, e-mail, phone number, and home address. In my opinion, this is a subtle invasion of a customer’s privacy, and needs to be taken into account when choosing this service.

Money-Back Guarantee

The refund guarantee that this service features is pretty fair. On their website, they listed a heap of circumstances under which you can claim a refund. Also, the conditions making you qualified for reimbursement are quite reasonable and justified. I rejected the idea of requesting a refund, as I value my time too much to waste it on investigating whether or not I’m eligible to have my money back.


As I stressed earlier in this Superb paper review, my paper didn’t have any plagiarism. This is a very good sign of high-quality academic writing. From what I heard from my pals who also gave up their studying duties and ended up ordering custom essays and papers, this characteristic is rather rare among many writing services. But, considering the scope of problems my essay features, it being original didn’t make it a good example of scholarly writing.


The service adopts overly plain design, making it rather dull and 90s-like. Right under the header, the landing page features an inviting and cheerful picture of upbeat students, possibly sitting in a lecture. This background pleases the eye and encourages visitors to order something here. Well, at least it worked this way with me as a potential customer. But as for all the rest about the website design, it simply lacks basic adornment, like using more than two blunt colors, or being more creative with the font.

At the same time, the website is comfortable and straightforward in terms of usability. The header displays the sections with the main information about the service, while the footer contains legal information. The webpage provides a totally seamless user experience and is easy to browse.

Final Words

Superbpaper lures you into believing it’s a reliable company with its pretentious service description and attractive claims it can’t fulfill. Summarizing everything I experienced as their client, I can state that the company is just an average writing service failing to deliver a high-quality product that meets the academic criteria.

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  1. Don’t let them trick into this scam!!!! I order my paper here twice and each tine it was worse that average. The content included much plagarism and mistakes and erors. Want them to give my money back

  2. I was pretty much impressed by their privacy rules, but the other features lose to those of the other web writing services.

  3. no more trusting this company, it’s a fraud, as this superb paper review shows!!!!!!!!!

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