TrustMyPaper Review: Why You Should Avoid It

I present to your attention the writing site Recently, and especially in view of increasing student loads during their studies, writing services have become popular. Writing help is used by everyone who wants it: both young students who want to have fun rather than doing their assignments, and those who combine work and study and don’t have time for homework. So, in my TrustMyPaper review, I will talk about one of these sites.


Problems That Hide Behind TrustMyPaper

Normally, a writing service should provide customers with quality papers according to the deadline specified by them. However, TrustMyPaper is not a service that does it in the right way. I can tell not only that they often deliver papers after the deadline, but also that those papers are written poorly. Negative TrustMyPaper reviews demonstrate the bad attitude and experiences customers have had on the site. I recommend reading through my review carefully. Don’t miss the important points that I noticed about the site.

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TrustMyPaper offers different services: academic writing assistance, dissertation services, admission services help, and more. Having a huge number of services doesn’t mean they are of good quality. And this situation can be seen on this site. The news here is that the quality of services provided by this company is low. I noted this trend after reading through lots of negative testimonials and also using it myself, and I advise you to pass this site by.


Creating a team of professional writers is a rather responsible matter. This task can be difficult, and it seems that TrustMyPaper didn’t cope with it. If you doubt my words, just look at the reviews from customers as well as the samples written by them. I am not indifferent, and I want to warn you: look for other sites if you want your paper to be written by a person with a degree and who is knowledgeable in your topic.


TrustMyPaper Review Prices

Everyone can look at the prices presented on TrustMyPaper. In my opinion, their prices are rather high. You see them, and you just want to say, “Wow, that is too much.” Moreover, even if you are ready to pay such a cost, you should be completely sure that the service will send you a quality paper. But the fact is that here you will pay much, but receive a rather mediocre paper.

Privacy and Security

Of course, everyone wants to use a writing service without any problems. However, even on the most popular writing services, we may face dangers and troubles. I believe that TrustMyPaper is not a secure service to use. On it, you need to include your e-mail and phone number. It may indicate that you will get unnecessary promotions and your phone number may be used by third parties. Thus, you can protect yourself from the dangers by avoiding this site.


TrustMyPaper Review Samples

Many samples can be found on TrustMyPaper. However, it would be better if those samples were written by professional writers. The same can be said about the papers provided by them. The samples show how the writers cope with different topics. I found that the samples had structural issues and the topics were not fully covered. So, you’d better find another service — and don’t forget to look through samples there as well.


On TrustMyPaper, you can find a page with testimonials. Almost immediately, I see that all of them are positive. But in reality, the service can’t have only positive feedback — it’s impossible. I looked for trust my paper reviews on the Internet, and found that real customers are not satisfied with the service. So, I don’t believe the testimonials on the site and I think you shouldn’t as well.


What should you do if suddenly you have a question about the work or anything else? Obviously, you need to contact the support team. The cause of my sadness is that on TrustMyPaper, you can’t do it without including your e-mail. Even if you doubt whether to use the service or not and you want to ask something, you can’t do it here without leaving a trace. I think is a big drawback.


It is considered that a good writing service should have a blog with quality articles posted regularly. However, you will not find the most interesting and skillfully written posts on TrustMyPaper. If you are interested in helpful guides that will help you write your own paper, I recommend you to look for other sites. I assure you, the blog on this site doesn’t contain such guides.

Money-Back Guarantee

Most often, when using a writing service we should have the opportunity to get our money back in case we are not satisfied with the written paper. As for TrustMyPaper, I am not sure they provide such an opportunity easily. I have seen lots of testimonials that say they don’t want to refund customers when they aren’t satisfied with the quality. To avoid facing unpleasant surprises, look for a service that is more trustful.


I tried to present the most important things about the writing service. What surprised you the most? Maybe, it is the fact that they don’t have a team of talented writers here. Maybe it is that their prices are too high. Maybe it is something else. In any case, it is your decision whether to use this service or not. As for me, I’d rather try to find a more professional service.

I think it should receive 5 stars out of 10. 

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  1. I read today this trust my paper review and I fully agree with it. I remember how I used this site and the paper I got was terrible. It was necessary to correct mistakes to get at least C. I ca say that the writer didn’t cope with the task as he should.

  2. I also read this review which makes me think of other site to buy an essay,

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