UKessays Review

UKessays Review: How Not to Get Trapped

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

Before becoming another unlucky customer of this service, I had studied the many reviews of the company. Now that I can reflect on it as a client, I wonder about how powerful and colossal a scam can ever be.

Here and now, I’m dedicating this UKessays review to discouraging the credulous from falling into this trap.


The history of UKessays goes back to 2003, following what they state on their website. At first sight, the company seems quite credible and reliable. The service claims to solve any possible academic issue, from writing a short essay paper to developing an extensive PhD dissertation. Ukessays identifies itself as ‘an ultimate provider of educational support.’ The company is a pretty mediocre provider of academic support, let alone being the ultimate one.

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With such a catchy slogan, it’s no wonder that this organization has baited lots of naive users to try out its not-so-ultimate services. To my bitter regret, I happened to be one of such users who got blinded by its showy claims and tempting discounts.

And now, I’d like to lead you step by step through my review.

Pricing Policy

Score: 8 out of 10

As I stressed before, the company features fairly favourable prices. On its website, UKessays showcases numerous discounts for its services, trying to conceal its shortcomings under the veneer of loyalty to its customers. I was only charged $25 for my literature essay and hastened to rejoice over my successful deal.

Little did I know that this low price simply mirrored the quality I was to receive later. But now, back to prices. I studied the pricing for their other writing services, which seemed quite okay to me as well. At the end of the day, I can conclude that UKessay adopts a rather acceptable pricing policy, preventing some of its clients from going into the red.


Score: 3 out of 10

This cardinal aspect is where I left behind all my anticipation as to the reputability of this service. What I received resembled a wack attempt to write a scholarly article by some backward college sophomore. The quality of my essay was very poor, especially regarding almost all the key aspects of an academic paper.

The writer failed to adhere to the requirements of the paper, providing an incorrect reference list and missing some important citations in the text body. The subject matters weren’t examined in the proper way, just like the topic was highlighted in a lazy and unprofessional manner. Evidently, the writer lacked a scientific background both in my discipline and in academic writing as a whole.

Privacy Protection

Score: 4 out of 10

I was strongly dissatisfied with the privacy policy the company adopts. It basically violates the customer’s rights by asking for their personal information as they proceed with the ordering process. The system will ask you to provide your full name, email and home address, and your phone number. Halfway through completing my ordering form, I didn’t want to cut the procedure and put up with the company’s outdated and shady practice of accepting clients’ orders. All in all, I’m a little astounded by such an odd approach to running a privacy policy.

Customer Support

Score: 3 out of 10

To its own detriment, the company employs an untrained and unprofessional customer support team that is unable to address the customer’s needs. Upon receiving my low-quality paper, I rushed to contact the support reps to have my issue solved. I penned several complaint letters to them, but to no avail. None of them received a response. So, I resorted to making a call to them and, finally, some progress was made — I managed to have a conversation with one of the reps, which produced a pretty dubious outcome.

The ‘support’ turned down my request for the revision of my paper, arguing that I should be asking for a refund in my case. But not likely! When I reached the support team after a short hiatus once again, I did get a revision from them.


Score: 4 out of 10

UKessay features a slightly old-fashioned, crude design. Its bland ‘decor’ resonates with some regular online food service of the late 90s, which sparked nostalgia in me. But I wouldn’t consider this subtle and memory-evoking aspect a big advantage of the website design. And while most online writing companies provide important information right on their landing page, UKessays keeps it out of sight, inviting the user to look through its header links to find the scant details on its services.

Instead, the company chooses to laud its ‘undeniable genius’ with the repeated acclaims it displays on the home page. Therein, the service emphasises its appearance in the media worldwide, referring to its popularity and wide recognition. Alas, these posh claims only speak of its conspicuous ego and not of what it proves to be.

My Verdict

UKessay is another shady academic writing organization possessing strong ambitions and lacking the true essence of a valid and trustworthy company. For this reason, I won’t go for recommending this overwhelmingly incompetent service to the users who hope to find a legit and expertise-driven writing company.

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  1. I ordered my custom paper here. First I was pretty much happy with the fact that the text was plagiarism free but later I noticed that it didn’t meet my requirements. And then these freaky prices, so high((((

  2. It’s true showboating they do on their website, the service offers an inviting pricing policy buy nothing more

  3. While reading this ukessay review, I recalled my own bad experience with Ukessay, they charge you for nothing!!

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