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Ultius Review: Why I’m So Concerned

Overall rating: 4.0 out of 10

A reputable and legit academic writing service is a rarity nowadays. When this online industry welcomes shady companies that win users’ trust with chicanery and high claims, it has become vital for potential customers to stay alert and sensible. This is why I’ve taken some time to put pen to paper and disclose my troublesome experience with the company through this Ultius review.

Upset with the quality and commitment level I received, I could just move on, keeping my bad impression of this company all to myself. But since I happen to be quite an open and sincere individual with a craving for justice and truth, I must let you know what hides beneath the bright design and luring statements of this service.

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Company Overview

Ultius is a giant writing platform that gathers, as it claims, top writers from across the world and offers a broad spectrum of academic writing services. The history of this company traces back 9 years and features more than 200,000 successful orders, according to what they advertise. Dubbed “the global leader in consumer writing services” on its website as well as many other Ultius reviews, the company seems to overstep the actual quality of its products with its evident conceit.

Ultius boasts its noble mission of driving technological innovation, positioning itself as a pioneering academic service that focuses on making students’ lives better with an innovative approach. This is where all the flamboyance and pride come to an end. And what goes next is the pretentious image of the company being shattered by my real-life experience.

Now, I’d like to precisely and thoroughly expound on why I think that the service is not worth the splurge.


Score: 4.5 out of 10

As the core feature of every academic writing service, quality is treated as a matter of secondary importance at Ultius, let alone being their “highest priority.” Although I discovered no plagiarism in my paper, it still fell behind the established standards of a high-quality academic paper. It was easy to tell that the writer had made only insubstantial insight into the subject matter the paper dealt with. Consequently, the topic was highlighted very poorly, which suggested of the writer’s incompetence and lack of a scientific background.

Speaking of the writing, it indicated that English was indeed the writer’s mother tongue. The writing was very smooth and natural and demonstrated the writer’s strong capability of employing sophisticated literary language. But unfortunately, the fancy writing didn’t make up for the severe inconsistencies that my research paper contained.

Support Team

Score: 2 out of 10

Ultius’s support staff didn’t prove to be as focus-driven and inspired as the copywriters who generated the text for their website. After I made several vain attempts to reach support via phone, I resorted to writing them. In a few hours, I did receive a response to my request, which was rather superficial and lacked the proper explanation to the request required. I tend to think that such scant regard for my issue was a telltale sign of the company’s insufficient commitment to its customers in general. Interestingly enough, there are very few Ultius essay reviews that mention this problem.


Score: 3 out of 10

Pricing at Ultius is a pretty questionable matter. On the one hand, they seem to be quite fair in terms of adherence to the common standards the industry features. But on the other hand, the prices don’t match the quality provided here, so I believe the company needs either to review their pricing policy, or improve the quality of their products. Well, there’s no reason to explain why the focus should be kept on the latter option, just like most Ultius.com reviews argue.


Score: 2 out of 10

The privacy policy the company adopts leaves much doubt, too. Well, to be straight in this Ultius writing review, this policy is not about privacy at all. The service requires its customers to provide their personal data such as full name, home address, e-mail, and phone number. On its website, the company notifies users of the “possible”| need to indicate this information. But as it turns out, you can’t pass the registration process without providing these essentials to the system.

I do understand that the company views providing personal information as a key element of proper service delivery. But there are other popular and more customer-friendly ways of accepting an order from a customer and processing it. This service definitely needs to look at its privacy policy from a different angle.


Drawing the line in my review of Ultius, I’d like to once more stress the huge inconsistency between the company’s ostentatious image and what it actually offers to clients. Ultius attracts its customers with the flowery and seemingly truthful way it positions itself, failing to comply with its unduly assured promises. To my big disappointment, the service didn’t meet my expectations and, despite its showy and rather eye-opening profile, it proved to be a regular low-grade service.

5 Responses

  1. This Ultius review describes what a scam the company is. And I fully agree. I’m another dissatisfied customer.

  2. Many Ultius reviews simply distort the truth!! The company is not worth your attention

  3. I regret to have placed an order with this company. I wanted my money back but didn’t get it

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