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Write My Essay 4 Me Reviews: A Final Destination for Your Rambling?

Overall rating: 4 out of 10

As it happens, I belong to the prevalent category of students who would rather take up shin-kicking or admire a new exhibition at an art center than tend to their academic paper. And, what normally follows such an ill-judged approach to studying is ordering a custom paper, right? This is how I ended up wading through myriads of websites in search of the right writing service. Before I chose Write My Essay 4 Me, I perused numerous Write My Essay 4 Me reviews hoping to figure out whether this service fits me.

All in all, I placed an order with this company. And what I experienced as a customer of WriteMyEssay4Me will never allow me to encourage someone to try it out. I put in writing this Write My Essay 4 Me review to share something that everyone contemplating this service should know.

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Company Overview

WriteMyEssay4Me is an academic writing company that covers a full range of services. Founded in 2014, the service takes pride in offering students “excellent” worldwide academic support and collaborating with the “most talented” writers. In addition to its laudatory statements, the company positions working exclusively with English-speaking writers as one of its highlights. What a perk for an English-centered writing service! As for me, this makes WriteMyEssay4Me a good object of ridicule.

Now, I’m willing to lay it all out from head to toe.


Score: 8 out of 10

I’m starting my evaluation with this aspect as I believe it to be one of the mainstays of a company’s reputation. The pricing policy any company adopts represents its loyalty and respect to customers. With WriteMyEssay4Me, I was dazed by the customer-friendly pricing system, which does make the company look good in the academic marketplace. However, it doesn’t make up for its inability to address fully the needs of its clients.

Now, back to prices. They start from $15 and extend to as far as $56. And while  other services may charge you with additional payment for revisions, this company offers them for free.

Customer Support

Score: 2 out of 10

Dealing with the support team of this service wasn’t much of a pleasure. The support center turned out to employ young and inexperienced dabblers who are not equipped to communicate with a customer in the proper way. To get a response from them, I had to generate three emotional e-mails addressing my paper issues.

Finally, the workers reacted to my desperate attempts to reach them and ground out a lazy letter. Therein, they tiptoed through my inquiries and used a rather generic and scant explanation normally employed in this type of letter. I was simply on the verge of asking for a refund, but somehow handled this outbreak of emotions.


Score: 3 out of 10

Some raving Writemyessay4me reviews acclaim this service mainly due to its “outstanding” quality. Well, maybe it can be referred to as such, but not the way you would expect, just like other Writemyessay4me.org reviews mention. The paper I received had numerous inconsistencies and fallacies, and it was easy to tell that the writer had no academic background in the discipline. The text was teeming with inconcise inferences and illogical arguments.

The writer’s English is the aspect I’d like to give particular emphasis to. The writer was a little out of their depth in terms of language proficiency. The  writing was a strong telltale sign that he or she wasn’t a native English speaker.

Privacy Policy

Score: 5 out of 10

Based on my experience I can state that the service has very little regard for customers’ privacy and data protection. The order form immediately requires you to provide your personal information, such full name, phone number, e-mail, and home address. And although the company assures the clients that it prioritizes their security and their personal data won’t be passed to third parties, the privacy policy it features is quite risky and shady.

Payment Policy

Score: 3 out of 10

And even shadier and more questionable are the payment rules at WriteMyEssay4Me. The service demonstrates exceptional care for its “expert” writers by requiring a customer to pay for their order beforehand. As for me, this is an invidious practice that no credible company would ever sink to. According to what they argue on the website, such a prudent approach to payments lies in securing their writers. And, with these dubious payment rules, the service puts its customers in danger instead.


Score: 5 out of 10

The company’s website features a pretty welcoming design. Its landing page has a simple, inviting violet background displaying typical studying attributes and an order form. However, all the important information is difficult to find and thus seemed to me that this was made on purpose. For instance, in order to reach the About Us section, I had to make all the way down the lengthy landing page. The design is quite pleasant to browse in terms of the visual elements, but inconvenient to wander across when it comes to usability.

My Verdict

All things considered in this Writemyessay4me review, I can’t recommend this company. It doesn’t embrace the essentials needed for delivering high-quality academic services, and lacks a professional and diligent approach to developing their products. For now, it’s a pass for this widely acclaimed service.

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  1. My experiencce was so so, they didn’t provide me with a skilled writer. This Writemyessay4me review only proves once again that they are not worthy

  2. I was going to write some Write My Essay 4 Me reviews after they sent me a paper of questionable quality. I payed good money for this crap and I’m not going to put up with this. It was also abundant plagiarism in my paper that made me go nuts!!!!

  3. I doubt whether to recommend them or not, the quality wasn’t the way I expected. Prices are ok, though.

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