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WritingEssayEast Review: Service for Passionate Risk-Takers

My Rating: 1/10

When you buy something online, you don’t have the opportunity to see the seller or have a talk with them. So, you look for information, reviews from previous customers, and recommendations on the site. If you can’t find this information, you’ll probably leave the site and go to the competitor’s service.

Perhaps, WritingEssayEast doesn’t want to accept this simple rule. And my outrage was a source of inspiration to write this WritingEssayEast review. This service provides its customers with tiny portions of information, and it’s certainly not enough to build confidence. I was shocked when I couldn’t find anything about the order progress, policies, or testimonials.

Take a closer look at this WritingEssayEast review and choose for yourself whether you should use it or not.

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Lack of Information

This is the worst part about this service. When you see a site for the first time in your life, you will have many questions, and you will want answers. Unfortunately, WritingEssayEast gives as few answers as possible.

First of all, they don’t have a FAQ section. In case a customer has a standard question, for example, about the qualification of writers, the customer has to write an e-mail to get a response.

Secondly, there is no live chat and no phone number! Thus, customers don’t have the opportunity to contact a support manager immediately in case of an emergency. I wanted to test their response time, but I had no desire to share my e-mail with this scam-like site.

Finally, there is no official-looking information on the company’s policies, the hiring process, or guarantees. All the text looks like the result of an automatic translation. And that’s not good advertising for a custom writing service.

Low-Quality Website Content

A writing service’s website is a kind of digital business card. The content of the site serves to represent the skills of the writers who work for the company. It has to be thoroughly edited and structured well.

Instead of clear and concise texts about the service, I’ve discovered a bunch of poor-written articles, filled with many mistakes in grammar, spelling, and style. Here are some of them:

Writingessayeast.com Review Low-Quality Website Content

I personally took the screenshots of the site for my WritingEssayEast review to show you that the expression “poorly written articles” is no exaggeration. If their website’s content looks like that, I’m afraid of suggesting how their samples look.

These two criteria — lack of information and low-quality content — are enough for me to leave the service and never come back. But I wanted more justification for my decision. So, I decided to check the testimonials.

Customer Feedback and Online Reputation

As I’ve previously mentioned, there is no testimonial page. You may only see three comments on the main page. And two of them are left by the same person under different pseudonyms! Just take a closer look at her pictures!

Jady and Mariam have the same faces, hair, and even T-shirts. This is a whole new level of negligence. If you post fake comments on your main page, you have to make sure that they look as real as possible!

I understand that not all the customers are as attentive as me, but once someone (like me) shares such details online, there is no opportunity to erase them.

Writingessayeast.com Review Customer Feedback and Online Reputation

Internal comments are important, but in this case, they’re useless. So, I decided to check the service’s online reputation. Ratings are quite contradictory:

Writingessayeast.com Review Quite Contradictory

Ozzz.org and TrustPilot evaluate in their WritingEssayEast review that it is a good service (4 or 5 stars), while other sites give less flattering feedback.

I was surprised to see that the so-called “trustworthy” site TrustPilot had given this shitty service an 8/10. How? What for? The website’s design is okay, but it’s not how you should evaluate the quality!

Anyway, seeing the fake comments and online reputation made me 100% sure about my decision to leave the service and never come back. Next, you’ll find some additional information about WritingEssayEast. I hope it’ll be helpful.

Order Process

As you won’t find any description of the order process on the site, I’ll give you a few comments. When you click the “Order Now” button, you get to the following page:

Writingessayeast.com Review Order Process

All the fields are standard for writing services. The only unusual thing is the choice of academic levels: there are three of them. You may pick “Undergraduate,” “Master,” or “Ph.D.”

The next step also looks familiar:

Writingessayeast.com Review Order

But the prices for “Helpful extras” are shocking:

  • Plagiarism Report — $9.90
  • Abstract page — $14.99
  • VIP Service — $14.99
  • Advanced writer — extra $1.80 per page
  • Top writer — extra $3.48 per page

Although the pricing policy of WritingEssayEast is affordable, the extras will cost you a pretty penny. At the same time, prices for samples are ridiculously low. Can you imagine how much the author gets for a 2-page essay if the general cost is $12?

Each writing service has a fee, so WritingEssayEast’s writers get approximately $3 for one page. No doubt, this pay isn’t enough for qualified writers, and you won’t get a well-written sample for peanuts.

I would love to share more helpful information about this service with you, but their content is useless. I don’t want to make suggestions and build theories about how it works.

WritingEssayEast Review: Conclusion

As you’ve already understood, I strongly recommend avoiding the WritingEssayEast service. I really don’t know how they survive the competition with more developed and modern companies. I have no idea how they even attract customers.

You can easily find a better option. Be aware of scammers!

5 Responses

  1. Those guys are insane. Posting fake comments is a common practice, but doing that in such a way is ridiculous.

  2. How can any of the writingessayeast.com reviews be positive? This service makes no sense! Total scam

  3. I wanted to order from them because of prices. But now all my motivation has disappeared.

  4. I tried to contact customer support, and I waited for their response for 2 hours. Of course, I ordered from another service!

  5. This writingessayeast review looks so bad… Thank God, I’ve checked it out before placing my order!

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